Monday, April 23, 2012

::My Monday::

I woke up to the roaring of the garbage truck driving up and down our street. I may or may not have been pretending to be sleeping when Marshall came in to tell me good bye. I love when he gives me kisses while I am asleep. This is actually one of my most favorite things that he does.

I knew that Ezra would sleep in this morning, he was up late last night (Our fault). I was able to take a shower and even clean up our kitchen a little before I heard him talking in his room. I love going to get him while I have a towel turban on my head. He pointed, smiled and said 'ooooh!'

I gave Ezra his bowl of rice cereal and fruit. I also handed him the spoon. I am loosening up these days. He was so impressed with himself. He was successful in most of his attempts at making the spoonful to his mouth. There were only a couple of times the cereal went flying. I ducked maybe once or twice.

I had two appointments this morning, only one showed. I am mad at the other who didn't.I was able to kick my feet up and read,I don't remember the last time I was able to do that. I packed up Ezra after his morning nap and went to Target to get some groceries. I made it back just in time for my afternoon appointment. I love doing my friends hair, I love to sit and giggle with them for a couple of hours, oh! And making them beautiful.

Ezra had such a happy day, he didn't throw any toddler tantrums like he did last week. He took all his naps and didn't try to pull any thing off any shelves at Target.

I was able to whip up a delicious dinner on the fly and get ready for our family photo shoot. JoAnne is moving to Utah and we had to have her take photos of us before she left. We scrambled around the house a little too long. I check my bold lips in the mirror one last time and we headed to the park to take photos.

Ezra was a busy boy, and we were lucky to get him to sit still for any of them, JoAnne did such a great job with him and the photos that I have seen so far are BEAUTIFUL.

JoAnne even let me hang at her house and watch her edit some of our photos, she has some serious skills. I cannot believe what a gift this woman has. She is so talented.

Today went by much to fast. Although, I was surprised that I found time to read and paint my nails! That never happens.

I have another busy week ahead, prepping for a garage sale for this weekend held by the young women at our church and we are having friends over for dinner and going out with friends on Saturday. I love to eat. Have I told you that?