Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Facts Friday w/ Funny Fotos!

I loved looking out our front window as it rained this week, but boy am I happy it is sunny today.
We didn't have anything too exciting happen in our home this week, besides the excitement of a one and half year old. Everything is new and exciting to him.

Here are a couple outtakes from our family photo session with Joanne. They crack me up and I had to share them!

Here are a couple fun facts:

-I didn't have hips before Ezra. I have hips now. I don't like my new hips.
-My hair has had an almost permanent "outside" smell almost all week, from being outside...
-I didn't mow the lawn this week, and should have- especially with all the rain. (Did you know I have been mowing these days?)
-We have been living off of leftovers for the past couple days. I cook for an army.
-I was able to go to the mall this morning, alone. AND was able to try things on! I don't even remember that happened last. It was a real treat.
-My friend,Erin, had the most beautiful baby girl this week, her name is Rachel and I met her last night. She was so sweet and little.
-Ezra was jumping on our bed this morning and fell off. Right on his head. Don't worry, he is still normal. (I always worry about that)
-I need more dessert recipes. I have one that I make all the time and I am sick of it. (Blueberry cream cheese cake, and it is the bomb)
-Sam dropped off two Disney Cd's for me this morning, she knows me so well.! #I'madork
-All I have wanted to do all week was take off my toe nail polish. I hope I can get to it today.
-My dining room table finally has matching chairs, besides the upholstered ones on the ends that are supposed to be different! YAHOO!
-I'm selling my couches if anyone is interested. They are in the nicest condition, just ready for something new. It will be hard to say goodbye to them.
-Marshall and I are going to Chino Latino tonight with two other couples and we are looking forward to the awesome food and company.
-I stole 2 tree stumps near the train tracks by our house and was chased down by a man in his PJ's claiming they were his. I had to sweet talk him into letting me keep them. I have big plans for these babies. They are drying out in our shed as we speak.

Besides my attempt at redoing the railing and maybe steps on our deck, we don't have much planned for Memorial weekend.I hope you can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and time with friends and family!