Friday, May 4, 2012

{Fun Facts Friday!}

I love sharing with you all the little bits of my life, even if it gets redundant and old...even if you get sick and tired of photos of my kid feeding himself and getting messy or playing in our family room on our chevron rug. I am just happy to share a little bit of our lives with you.
Thank you so much for reading.
I love that I can sit back and reflect on my week. I love trying to remember all the things we did and saw. This week we enjoyed the sunshine and the rain. I loved looking out our big front window at the rain as it came down in sheets. I loved watching the puddles expand in the streets. I loved that the day cleared up beautifully in a matter of hours and I was able to go on a walk with my boys. Marshall and I were able to walk up and down streets of our neighborhood that we have never before explored and oohed and ahh'd at the beautiful landscaping and their front porch furniture.
 This week Sam and her daughter treated us to lunch and a day at the park. Ezra LOVED being outside as usual, but he acts a lot more carefree when he has a friend along.

Anyways, Here are a couple photos from our time at the park, and of course, a couple fun facts.
 -I still don't know what people mean when they refer to "that time of the month..." Are they referring to the ovulation time or the actual menstruating time? (Yes, I said menstruating.)
- My skin has broken out this week. I have been going to bed with globs of zit cream. Poor Marshall.
-I was able to wash and fold AND put away all the laundry before Friday! This never happens!
-Because of the laundry being done, I am determined to wear the exact same pajamas every night until next week.

- I don't really know exactly what shoe size Ezra is supposed to be, I think it is time I take him to get it fitted at Stride Rite or something.
-I had a total of 17 hair appointments this week. That is a LOT for me.

-Ezra watches our every move and tries hard to do exactly what we do.
-Marshall thinks he can do all the grocery shopping and Target runs. I think he should do them, it would keep us in our budget. Target and I have a love/hate relationship.
- I gave a Book of Mormon to a friend this week. I love sharing something so dear to me with others.

-I hope I can raise my son to have manners and to be courteous. I also hope that I can raise him to know that he should ask a girl out on a date if he is interested in her and to have the confidence to do so. I also hope that he will be respectful and understanding to everyone that he meets. Am I asking too much of my son?

I hope the weather is nice enough to enjoy the weekend outdoors! We have some family in town again and we are so excited to have them all over for a BBQ tomorrow night! Yee Haw!

Hope you can spend the weekend with those you love.