Friday, May 11, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

Another week came and went.
This week was packed with little bits of down time and a whole lotta hair.
It was a great week, there was a day where I had a cancellation (this rarely happens.) I packed Ezra up and we went to the mall (this also, rarely happens) I found some adorable girly shoes and a couple other things and Ezra was able to people watch, Oh! He LOVES to people watch. In fact this wears him out more than running around outside (I think).

Marshall and I have a babysitter tonight and tomorrow night. He is taking me out on a couple dates and I am so excited. Would you believe me if I told you that I already had my outfit picked out, because I do. We are going out to a movie tonight, and tomorrow my boys are taking me out to dinner for Mothers Day. I am so honored to go around town with these fine fellows.
I wish all of you mothers out there, the MOST wonderful Mother's Day. Enjoy your day and find some time to relax from all that you do. (Marshall told me that he was going to take care of everything on Sunday. I am so lucky.)

Here are some Fun Facts to get you through your Friday.

-I have 5 audi wheels that I am going to try and sell.
-Ezra learned to say 'Baby' this week, I think he is trying to tell us something?
-I accidentally trimmed my bangs a little too short, I feel like a nerd.
-My sister and her family are coming into town at the end of June and I am beyond excited! We are planning on having family photos taken and are considering all color combo ideas.
- I hate shaving my legs.
-We tried out the booster chair at the table, so Ezra could eat with us, but his elbows don't quite reach the table. Back to the highchair for a little while longer. (Besides, he thought he was WAY too cool and would barely eat.)
-Ezra is 24lbs 6 oz. and is 31inches tall. He is still little for his age.
-Our kitchen faucet leaks. Marshall thinks he needs to replace the faucet, but I think we might as well replace the sink and counter tops. I mean, we might as well. (Did I mention that our kitchen sink is pink?)
-I am counting down the days until Marshall can take off his wrist brace.
- This summer I am going to wear only dresses and skirts. I like my legs to be free.

How cute is this shirt Ezra has? My little sis picked this up for him when she was in Israel, I think it is adorable.

Have a great Mother's Day weekend everyone!
Don't forget to honor your mother.