Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

This was a week full of food and friends and love.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by an abundance of all of of these things.
This week, I had some girls over for our monthly ladies lunch, and I forgot to take a single photo. #facepalm. I had dinner at my friend Sam's, where she made an entire thanksgiving meal. And today was brought the most delicious Thai lunch. I won't have to eat for the entire weekend.

Marshall ran the TC 1 mile down Nicollet last night and almost starting running immediately after exiting the bus doors. He had a pretty impressive time considering he didn't train for it.
Anyways, Here are some fun facts this super hot and humid Friday!
-My new dining chairs make me giddy. I am in love.
-I love the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, isn't that the nerdiest thing you have ever heard? In fact, I love all the Disney soundtracks. I know them all by heart.
-I love hearing mother's birthing stories. I think it is a great way to get to know someone.
-My goal this summer is to tone up my arms.
- I accidentally left my ATM card in the machine last week and finally got it back today. (sigh!) I can live again. ;)
-Ezra loves our new chairs as well, he especially likes to knock them down. He has had a number of time outs since they have been assembled.
-Our neighbor is going to let us borrow their truck if we watch their dogs. I say that is a deal!
- I followed my cleaning calendar everyday this week, it makes cleaning FUN!
-Ezra loves when I lay the blankets down on the carpet and rub his face on them.
-We don't use the changing table anymore, I am thinking it is time to replace it with a bookshelf.
-I refuse to leave my house when it is over 85 degrees out.
-We were planning on going to Como Zoo tomorrow afternoon, but only if the weather cooperates. (Crossing fingers for sunshine and a breeze-- probably wont happen.)
-I wish I lived near Trader Joe's.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and the rest of your Friday afternoon!