Monday, May 7, 2012

My (Manic) Monday:

This child of mine.
He is all boy.
From the minute his sweet feet hit his shag rug he was "AHHHHHH!!!!!!"
And I am not kidding.

After breakfast and our shower/bath, I hung out in  our hallway with my blow dryer cord pulled as far as it could reach so I could still keep my eye on Ezra. He was banging on our back door, yelling. The same yell that is still ringing in my ears after a day like today.
I ran a brush through my hair and threw on some shoes. I whisked him up before I couldn't take it anymore, threw on his mini sneakers and slid open our screen door.
His face turned to mine, and our eyes met. I swear that in that single moment we could read each other's minds. He thanked me for listening to him, and I thanked him for being able to hear myself think again. And then he slowly placed one foot over the threshold...and then the other.

It was as though he crept over our wooden slats on our deck, one by one, taking in the brisk morning air and the sounds that surrounded him.
His world was suddenly wonderful. From only moments before being awful. He banged and screamed to be out.... and this is exactly what he needed.
He needed to feel the air in his fluffy blonde hair.
He needed to touch the dirty rocks and peel apart the rotten wood from our steps.

He needed to look around and take in the greenery,
and apparently he needed to pick up every last one of those rotten,old,black walnut shells
that lay in front of our shed and put them in our (never used) tin trash cans.

This little soul.
This sweet little person, a little bit of me and a little bit of Marshall. He is the reason why I smile each day. He is reason why I can look at my husband and promise him that we will have more children some day...
He is also the reason why after one shower, I could use another.

** Here is how the rest of our day went...
After our outdoor morning adventures, Ezra gladly came inside, practically insisting on washing his grubby little hands. (they were black with dirt, even under his little fingernails.)
I asked him if he was ready for his nap, and he started toward his room.
I followed behind him, snuggled him quickly and laid him down.
My client arrived right on time. I loved being able to catch up with her and make her a little more beautiful than she was before.
After she left, I was able to fold some laundry and pile it neatly in the basket.
I started a pot of boiling water for lunch. I thought Ezra and I could split some macaroni and cheese (Don't judge.)

I could hear Ezra talking quietly to himself. Sometimes I can't help but press my ear to the door to make out what he tries to say.
I slowly opened his door and watched his little face through his spindles. He was happy to see me. I could tell. He continued to stroke the corner of his blanket in his fingers and I had to practically pry him out of his bedding. The nape of his neck was damp from sweat and the bottoms of his jeans were still wet from the dew from the grass from our morning outing.

We had a quick lunch and I packed him into the car to run a few errands.
First stop. Beauty supply- I restocked my inventory. Second stop. KidsRUS. Picked Ezra up a few adorable pieces of wardrobe, including a smashing bow tie and a big boy booster seat so he can sit with us at the table. I also found him a cool little airplane for being a good boy.

When we got back home we had a few moments to ourselves. I sprawled out on the rug and started pulling out his toys, we played until he started to lose it. Nap time #2. He went down easy, but didn't sleep as long as I (needed) would have liked.

I had to set him up with a little flick so I could make it through the last of my hair appointment (I hate doing this to him, more than anything)

As soon as she left, I started dinner. I texted Marshall to tell him he better not miss him bus because I was starting dinner and I looked forward to eating together as a family, with Ezra in his big boy chair.
Marshall missed his bus. AGAIN.
 This time, I made him walk from where his bus dropped him off.
It took him 35 minutes to walk home.
I texted him threatening messages all the way home.
Ezra and I had dinner by ourselves.
As soon as Marshall walked in, I had to walk out.
I visited a friend with a friend, we stopped at DQ on the way home.
Marshall and I both thought we deserved it today.
(Another sugar high.. not needed)

Marshall and I caught up on Once upon a Time via hulu and I finished this post.
This was a winded one! Thanks for hanging in there.

I have another incredibly crazy week.
I am looking forward to my Friday night date with my man. We already have a babysitter lined up.

I hope you have a wonderful week, filled with lots of wonderful things.