Monday, May 28, 2012

My Memorial Monday::

Marshall was able to spend the entire weekend with us. Ezra turned into a real deal daddy's boy.
He wanted nothing to do with me, not until tonight when he finally let me read him stories and lay him in his crib.

We had nothing planned today. Not one single thing. We thought it would be nice to get started on the deck, but all we got to was pull off one set of super dangerous steps.

We sipped on smoothies to fill our morning bellies. After Ezra took his morning nap and Marshall got cleaned up from his run, we had a quick lunch of leftover pasta from last night. Afterwards, we went to Home Depot. On the way there, Marshall noticed that some one's wheel cover flew off and was rolling down the freeway. We noticed a Mercedes drive by without one and I mentioned how much it sucked to be them, until we got out of the car and realized it was our wheel cover. How annoying.

After making it back and taking our afternoon naps, we decided on KFC for dinner. We ate dinner on the deck and then I mowed the lawn. Ezra and Marshall picked up sticks and played in the yard.
We had a quick family home evening and Ezra even sang for us. 
Marshall ran me a warm bath with salts and everything.
I was able to relax ... in my home. This never happens. Marshall spoils me.

Both of my parents served in the Military and I am so grateful for their service and every other soldier who has come and gone before. I am so grateful to enjoy all that freedoms that I have been given because of these men and women.

Happy Memorial Day.