Monday, May 21, 2012

My Monday::

When I woke up this morning, I had two things on my list.
1. Meet my friend, Carol for lunch and 2. Hair appointment at 5:30.
It was quite a refreshing thought until we made it to 8 am. When I glanced around our home and I noticed that some how our Sunday and early Monday morning had spilled all over our carpets, counters and sink. Meaning- I had to make myself a new list, which included sweeping and mopping the floors (kitchen and bathroom), doing all of the dishes, finishing load of laundry I started, and start the rest of laundry piled high in front of the washer, clean the salon, trim bangs...take shower...make bed....pick up toys.........

I like to think that I accomplished most on the list, but I am so exhausted.

We sent Marshall off to work.
We read some books. 
We watched the cars drive by and counted the box elder bugs on our window.

 We played with toys.
Ezra napped, I showered.
He woke up. He ate his lunch. We met Carol at Red Lobster for lunch! Such a great idea!

 We made it home for some time to play outside before his afternoon nap, this wore him out perfectly.

 While he napped, I napped. I woke up to him crying in his sleep and accidentally mistook him for being awake and accidentally woke him up. whoops. I hate doing that. He was a little drowsy, but some cuddles and a snack brought him back to his old self.

 My client showed up right on time, Marshall showed up just a little later and Ezra and Marshall were able to have a little dinner together before going outside to play.
Marshall measured our deck for future renovations and Ezra wanted to help. Later he tripped on his little feet and hit his little head. This might be the first time I have seen blood on his face. It breaks my heart to see his perfect little body and his flawless skin being torn and worn. I can't bare it.
 Ezra was completely worn from the day, he never fights a night time bath, but he did tonight.
He was eager to be able to sit on his daddy's lap for scripture stories and afterwards, we all marched him into his room for goodnight kisses.
Today went by quickly as most Mondays do. I look forward to the rest of the week and all the appointments and fun things we have planned. I am also looking forward to a long weekend with Marshall home. Lets hope he can get his brace off so we can get to work on some projects!