Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun Facts Friday ((with flashback photos))

About a year ago, Ezra had discovered his limbs, how they moved and how they could move him.
He was barely learning to crawl and to get around. Flash forward ahead a year, and you have our little man who is storming through our little house running flat foot like his pops. He runs so fast, his body can't even keep up and usually face plants it and skids his little palms on our floors. 

I have been nostalgic lately and cannot get enough of baby photos of Ezra. He is/was seriously, the cutest little guy. I love him so much.

Here are my Fun Facts!

-Ezra loves music, we have been playing primary church songs on repeat for the last couple days and it keeps him insanely happy and content.
-I gave Ezra a trim in the tub today, he sits better every time.
-I need new dinner recipes.
-I need to update my style blog in the worst way. Ever since pinterest took over I have been terrible!
-I couldn't sleep last night. I was too busy creating ways to execute updo's in my head.
-My mom made it home safe and sound from Seattle yesterday and I cannot wait to see her.
-I prefer my hair completely air dried and wild- but barely ever leave the house like that- but think today I will. 
-Nothing is more annoying than one bra strap that keeps falling off your shoulder and not being able to adjust it.. while wearing a shirt. #smltoday
- I deep cleaned our house yesterday. I even hand washed one of my shirts. 
-Ezra climbed into his high chair yesterday and I almost died when I caught him! I am so glad he didn't tip it over.
- Our lawn hasn't been mowed since Memorial day. And gophers have taken over.
-I want to buy a wide angle lens.
- I really love Macaroni and Cheese.

-We are going out for dinner for Father's day tonight and on Monday, Ezra and I are taking my dad out for lunch.
- We are preparing for a last minute trip to Hawaii in the next couple weeks. (More on that another time.)
- My eyebrows look so much better this year (versus last) Thanks to my amazing esthetician.
- My appointment book is over flowing with upcoming appointments and weddings! I love to be busy! 
- I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man to father my children, I am in awe daily of how loving,playful,caring and how much he teaches Ezra on a daily basis. I hope Ezra is just the kind of man that Marshall is when he grows up.
-I like Marshall's yawny face in this flash back photo.

Have a wonderful Father's Day & a great weekend!!