Friday, June 1, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

There are weeks that fly by so fast that I can barely get a handle on everything. But this week just dragggggged. And I still couldn't get a handle on things. I dragged along with it.

I picked up my camera only once this week, and that was last night for maybe a minute and every photo I took was blurry. I am so dissappointed in myself. Hmph...

Anyways. Here are some fun facts.

-Ezra has learned a couple new words this week. "Cruck"(truck) "Skirl" (Squirrel) "Bir"(Bird)"Coo" (Cool)-my favorite,He uses "cool" in perfect context. He is stilling signing for "More" 'Where" "Wash hands/water"-- (sometimes "wash hands" means "water" and vice versa) and knows to hug to say sorry. I am so proud of my little man for learning how to communicate, it makes it so much easier for us to understand what he is trying to ask us.

-I swear Ezra is part Wolverine-- you know? Cause he heals, like, incredibly fast. He had a huge bruise and scrape down his left cheek and today it is almost gone! I have a super toddler or something.

-Ezra has a love for frosted mini wheat's, a super fiber filled cereal- for grown ups. I had to call my mom and ask how much is too much for him.... (He doesn't need TOO much fiber)

-I watched a chick flick with my friend yesterday and cried almost the whole movie. No wonder Marshall and I never get sappy movies!

-I am preparing myself to say goodbye to two wonderful friends who are moving around the same time. I am so sad!

-I am realizing that this is a downer post! Sorry!

-I had my brows AND my beard waxed this week. Yup. My beard. I was having a hairy moment.

-I played human pretzel with the girls at church on Wednesday and had so much fun.

-My mom is going out of town on Saturday for a week and I don't know what I am going to do without her! I hate when she leaves. But  my sister out in Seattle is so excited to see her and I am sure they will have a wonderful time! I am jealous!

- I barely instagramd this week! Such a boring week!

I have to give a lesson at Church on Sunday so I will be busy preparing it this weekend. We don't have much planned but the usual, errands and yard work. It will be so nice to lay low.

I hope you can get out and enjoy the weather!