Monday, June 4, 2012

My Monday

Happy Monday.
Ezra slept in a little later than usual, I even tried to wake him up so we could look out the window at dad together. 
The bus came late again, and Ezra was actually able to see Marshall off. He loves to watch the bus come by and take his daddy away. I, on the other hand, get a little sad when that bus drives away. It is a mini reminder of how much I love my husband and how I need him.
Afterwards, I scooped Ezra up and prepared him breakfast. We both had pancakes that were leftover from the night before and lots of fruit, blueberries and grapes. Ezra loves grapes.
We took a shower/bath, brushed our teeth and played with scout. Ezra danced with him for a long time. And I clapped my hands to the cheesy little songs like a white girl.
Ezra napped while I took a haircut, then I accidentally took a nap. 

When we woke up we hate grilled cheese and pears. I also set the fire alarm off. I had to swat a towel in front of it like a crazy woman to get it to stop screaming at me.
After lunch, Ezra and I prepared a spray bottle of death (dawn dish soap and water). My plan was to murder all the super nasty box elder bugs that like to mate on our windows. Sickos. 
I strapped Ezra in his stroller, is it mean that I made him watch? And I almost cackled with every spray as I watched them sizzle to the ground. All DEAD!! 
Then I had to clean our windows with a squeegee to clean up the evidence. 

I was feeling pretty good after the killings and decided to take on even more.
I did ALL the dishes, vacuumed, and even moved Ezra's room around a bit.
He went straight down for his afternoon nap, just in time for my next clients.

I was able to throw a turkey roast in the oven in between my colors for dinner tonight, which was awesome. No fuss dinners are the bomb.
When I finished with my appointment, Ezra woke up to tell them how pretty they looked and then waved bye bye. 
I had to run to the grocery store to pick up noodles and cereal. (With the turkey roast in the oven... yikes!- I was fast and the house did not burn down.)
We got home before Marshall's bus rolled up. 
When I saw him from across the street my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited to see him. 
We had a great little weekend, just the three of us. Ezra is obsessed with his daddy and it is obviously so. He now knows that all he has to do is walk around Marshall when he is sitting down to get a piggy back. This is his new favorite thing in his world.

We had dinner on the deck and Ezra ate his entire dinner with his fork. It may have been upside down or backwards, but he did it. I was so proud of him.

It wasn't until I was bit on the butt by a freakin' mosquito until I decided to go inside. I do not need to be scratching my backside outdoors.
 I am a lady.

I watched my boys finish up through my kitchen window while I did the dishes.
 I love these boys.
 They bring so much joy into my life.

Marshall cleaned Ezra all up for bed and I was able to do some laundry and tidy up our home.
After Ezra was down, Marshall got a haircut and went for a run, he came home breathing hard and giving me a thumbs up, he was proud of himself for running two,eight minute miles. What a man.

I hope your week started off to a great start! I know ours did!