Monday, June 11, 2012

My Monday:::

I rolled out of bed around 6:45 this morning, and I felt unusually refreshed and ready to be awake. I slept hard and dreamt harder last night. I think it was from the rain and the thunder that shook our house during the night. Ezra was already awake and talking and was standing at his crib rail waiting for someone to lift him out. He felt heavier today than yesterday and noticed the reality of this as I grabbed him under his pits and lifted him over to the other side. I love to set him down on the floor and let him wander out of his room to find his daddy. He walks clumsy in the morning and it is as though he needs to relearn how to step one foot in front of the other. He remembers quickly... and then he is off!

I have an obnoxiously cheesy yoga video that I popped into a portable DVD player that my sister gave us. I am pretty sure that at one time this little DVD player was awesome, but now it is totally archaic and super nerdy. But it serves its purpose, and that's what I needed. (We don't have a television/DVD player)--(Well, we do, but it is in the downstairs dungeon, covered in dust, and we just don't ever go down there)

Ezra watched with and almost critiqued every pose I made. And while in child's pose, Ezra wanted either to butt heads with me or climb on my back. Even with all the distractions, I did feel loosened up afterwards.

We had strawberries and  cream of wheat for breakfast, and then took a shower/bath. Somehow we ran out of hot water and Ezra and I were shivering cold and fighting each other for the last drops of luke warm water. He won.
Ezra was practically begging me to put him down for his morning nap a little earlier than usual, so I did.

I had a 10am client, and then another at noon.

Ezra woke up shortly after noon and we had macaroni and cheese, strawberries and mixed veggies for lunch.  I cleaned off the pot of mac and cheese and felt terrible when his bowl was finished and he was signing for "more" whoopsies..

I needed to run to the grocery store for a couple missing ingredients for tonight's dinner, and since it was such a beautiful day, I figured we'd walk there. The entire time we walked, I thought of my friend JoAnne who moved away today. I thought of all the wonderful laughs we had together, our runs to the thriftstore, our lunch dates, our girls nights, our photo sessions and what an amazing friend to me. I will miss the junk out of her, it is so sad to see her go.

Our walk took maybe an hour.. and when I got back, the insides of legs felt like there were a million little hearts beating up and down the underneath of the top layer of my skin. Does this mean I am out of shape? I am convinced I should be wearing something besides my patent nude flats on an hour long walk. But sometimes big white tennis shoes just look ugly with my outfit.

Once we made it back, I knew I needed a nap, and it looked to me as though Ezra could use one too.
I got him ready for his nap, read him a story and tucked him in. But as I lounged on the sofa, I could hear him talking... maybe for almost 45 minutes until we both dozed off.

I woke up in time to start lasagna for dinner. Ezra did NOT want to be out of his crib. He threw a real live toddler tantrum, and it was pathetic. I left him to it. I wanted no part in that. I knew he would get over it.

When he did decide he was done, I gave him a snack and some water and put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I could work on dinner.

Marshall got home around 6, we had a delicious dinner. We played with Ezra, had a short and sweet FHE on prayer (Ezra needed a refresher, he doesn't fold his arms like he used to.)
Marshall and I tag teamed on a poopy diaper and Marshall read him a couple stories and put him to bed.

Marshall goes on a run, and I can always anticipate that he will come home sweaty and proud because he most likely has shaved off a little bit more time. What a man.

I look forward to the rest of my week. I have lots of hair appointments and Father's Day dinner date with my boys.