Monday, June 25, 2012

My Monday::

Happy Monday Ya'll.
Here is how ours went.

I woke up to Ezra talking up a storm. His scratchy little voice in the morning tells the most lively stories. I could press my ear up to his door all day to hear all the things he has to say. He was happy to see me when I pushed open the door, his arms were up,his hands were waving wild and he was dancing on his toes, not to mention that his hair was exceptionally large today.

We had some breakfast and watched Marshall catch the bus. We took a shower/bath, and left my hair dirty.  I gave Ezra a haircut in the tub. (His hair grows like a weed)I propped up my laptop and pulled out Ezra little man chair, I needed him to sit and watch Elmo so I could color my hair. By the time I was done processing my dear friend, Krystle came over (with her spankin' new baby girl!)to shampoo and give me a cut. I was SO grateful for her to come over and clean me up, I needed it!

I cut and colored her hair and we visited for a little while. I was sad she had to go. And Ezra couldn't get enough of her sweet daughter's little feet.

Ezra and I had a quick grilled cheese lunch, and then I made a run to the Beauty Supply. The salon was running low on shampoo and conditioner, hairsprays, pins and clients needing product.

And since I was next to Maplewood, which has H&M, I figured I had to stop there. I found some sandals, sunglasses and a cute plaid shirt.

We made it home just in time for naps. Ezra went right down (in his pack and play) We are trying to transition him into sleeping somewhere besides his crib, so it doesn't surprise him during our trip. I am beginning to think he prefers the pack and play.

I had a client come in for a haircut, who has the cutest pixie cut ever.

Then I folded laundry until I could hear Ezra wake up.

I made chicken fried rice for dinner and we walked it off. A lonnnngg walk...

My dogs were barking when we got home (Meaning.. my feet were sore. I need some walking shoes, any recommendations?)

Marshall read Ezra a favorite Dr. Seuss book. (One fish Two fish) With the animated voices and all.
I tried not to listen, but couldn't help myself. I think it is pretty cute.

I have laundry going downstairs and my dishes are done. I have a long list of chores that I need to get done this week, on top of the many appointments I have. I am tired already.

I hope you had a fun Monday. I also hope you enjoy this warm week.