Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My (tuesday's)Monday::

I sat on my bed and ate a bag of popcorn at 10:30 last night while my palm hit my head hard. I forgot to update my blog! ughhhh.. how could I have forgot? I mean.. I even tried to take photos and everything.

I woke up yesterday bright and early. The sun was shining and I was confused, I thought it was going to be rainy.
We had our breakfasts, Ezra ate a whole bowl of cream of wheat all by himself. It is really awesome when I don't have to spoon feed him anymore, I love how independent this little man is.

We played for a little while and quickly got ready for the day. I had two little girls coming in for haircuts.
Ezra took a glorious morning nap. And after my appointments, I passed out on the sofa. With my eyes open even. I am even weird-ed out.

He had a lunch date planned with my dad for Father's day, so after Ezra woke up, I made him lunch and a packed a little bag for our afternoon out. Baby wipes,diaper,crackers,water....

I had a little time before meeting my parents and ran to HomeGoods. This place was sent by the home decor Gods. I found a big fat mirror, bought it, and then proceeded to fit it in my tiny corolla, then into my parents tiny hyundai. Needless to say, it didn't come home with us. My parents are bringing it to me sometime this week in their bigger vehicle. Thanks mom and dad.

We had lunch at Buffalo Wilds Wings, my dad's all time favorite place (I don't get it.) Ezra has never seen so many television screens in his entire little life. I don't think he blinked once while we were there.

My mom insisted that I run into Costco with her so she could pick out some eyeglasses, Ezra rolled in the card with his grandpa and tried all the samples. By the time we got home it was around 4. Ezra was exhausted. I laid him down and threw on my shorts and tennis shoes. I was bound and determined to tackle our forest of a lawn.

I was so proud of myself for battling the heat and working in the yard. I rolled over all the stupid mole hills and cursed those suckers the entire time. I started on the back yard and the mower ran out of gas. I came inside and took a break. I needed one anyways. Marshall got home a little later and we woke up Ezra from his late nap. Marshall helped me find more gas for the mower and I finished the back yard. We tried to get rid of some of the mole hill dirt from the front yard, but the mosquitoes were ridiculous. I fought with Ezra to come inside and once we were in, we had a quick dinner.

I had a hair appointment for a friend who is moving tomorrow. I was so sad to say goodbye to her. Too many goodbyes these days. I can't handle it.

Marshall was sleepy by the time I was finished and all I wanted to do was sit and talk to him... so I popped a bag of popcorn and sat up in bed, he brushed his teeth and hopped under the covers and shut his eyes.
I couldn't sleep for the rest of the night... I had too much on my mind and so many things to tell him. I hope we have time for each other tonight.

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your week.