Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Facts Friday//

I can't believe that this week is coming to an end! Time is flying and it feels like summer will be over before we know it. (Which is okay with me, because I hate this heat)

I haven't been able to catch a break all week, I have been so busy with hair appointments and running after Ezra that I have barely had any time to put my feet up. I look forward to next week, I have a long awaited pedicure date with a good friend and I cannot wait!

Here are a couple fun facts:

1. Ezra went to his first Birthday party this week for his cousin Michael. While sitting on the picnic with the rest of the kids from the party Ezra scooted back too far and fell backwards onto the concrete. You could hear his head hit the concrete. I couldn't get to him fast enough and almost saw it happen before it happened. I felt so bad for him, and his poor little head. But he is fine! I almost can't believe he is okay, it was a hard fall.

2. I am pretty sure I went up 2 bra sizes in the past week. I thought that wasn't going to happen this pregnancy, I was wrong.

3. Ezra is saying new words every day!

4. Marshall is going to build Ezra a teepee for his room this weekend. I am going to make it into a sweet little reading nook for him. I am so excited, I could scream. Let's face it, this teepee is more for me than him. And, Marshall is excited to make it!

5. I wasn't ready to wake up any day this week. I literally had to pry myself out of bed.

6. I'm on a saving money mission right now. I don't leave my house any more so I am not tempted to spend and I keep from logging onto my favorite websites so I don't buy online either.

7. I waxed my mustache this morning.

8. Ezra's new haircut makes him look like a teenager.

9. Have I told you we are buying a van in the fall, I never thought in a million years I would be excited about this. I am! I am excited to be driving around a van!

10. Yes, I am nesting already! Watch out.

Happy Weekend!