Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

This toddler boy and this baby growing inside me have me feeling all sorts of emotions lately. This week may have been my hardest with Ezra. I gritted my teeth more than ever, gave more time outs than I could handle and played the same relaxing cd on repeat loud enough to keep our cools. When Marshal came home from work on Wednesday all I could do was throw my arms in the air and cry. And I did. Marshall wrapped his arms around me and let me quietly sob into his shoulder for a minute. Ezra watched, and giggled. (such a rascal) Marshall took over that night, he helped with dinner and even pulled all the pillows off every couch and chair onto the floor for Ezra to jump and roll and tire himself. He loved it and needed to wear himself out. Not all week was bad for Ezra and I, we did have some quiet moments and cuddly times. He is such a snuggly boy, but on his terms only.

Here are a couple Fun Facts.

-I make scrambled eggs all the time for Ezra and more often than not, he refuses them, but this morning I made them with soysauce and he couldn't get enough. This boy is more Hawaiian than he knows.

-I seriously considered working in a mortuary when I was deciding on a career path.

- I never order anything from a restaurant that I can make at home.

- We have new drapes, and they are absolutely beautiful in our living room. (These we ordered without Marshall's consent. I promised never to do that again.)

-I need to take updated photos of our humble abode now, it has changed a bit since they were last taken. And I like to think I can take better photos now than I could then.

-I have been on a roll updating my beauty blog!

-Ezra can successfully fold his arms and be reverent through prayers. When he chooses to, of course.

- I wish I had more energy. I always admire women who are pregnant and still run or kickbox or anything else awesome. I don't like to move much when I am pregnant. I am lazy, but I do go on walks  (to dairyqueen--and we take the long way back)

-I have an entire design board for the baby nursery planned out in my head. I cannot wait to find out the gender so we can start decorating.

-I am having a couple handfuls of friends over for brunch tomorrow and I am so excited! I am already drooling over the delicious food we have planned to make.

- My mother owns a painting that my grandmother did years ago, and I want it. I want it so bad that I might steal it from her next time I am visiting and I am not kidding.

We don't have much planned for this weekend, we want to take Ezra somewhere where he can get wild and crazy.