Monday, July 23, 2012

My Monday

My Monday went a lot like this...

I woke up to the sun shining down our hallway and the long sliver of light hitting my bed covers. I knew it would only be a moment in time before Ezra would be waking up to the sun in his eyes. I knew I had to be quick in the shower before the boss was putting me to work.

When I stepped out of the shower and after I twisted my turban on my head tight, I heard him. He had a lot to say this morning. I am sure he was cursing the light in his eyes and (cough-cough) the shoes he still had on his feet (this kid had a rough night last night) We had a lovely and delicious dinner at our friends last night and came home way past Ezra's bedtime. He fell asleep in the car and while picking him up I wrapped his blanket around his little body and just laid him in his bed. I totally forgot about taking his little shoes off. But it was hilarious to find them still on his chubby little feet this morning.

After pointing and laughing at him through his crib spindles, I pulled him out and squeezed him tight. I love pressing his chubby cheeks next to mine. As we walked down our short little hall and through our house to our kitchen he extended his arm and clearly asked for a "Cracker" I figured I would give him whatever he asked for, considering I did leave his shoes on his feet all night long.
He was happy with his cracker and washed it down with some milk. I did give him a real breakfast though too. He had a piece of buttered toast and grapes and he fed himself a bowl of cream of wheat. This boy can eat, I tell you! I peeled his night shirt off him while I ran the bath water and placed him in the warm bath. I scrubbed him up quickly and fought with him to get dressed. I had to run to the beauty supply store and get home before my 10 am appointment. It was already 9:15. My hair was tied in a side braid and still of course, wet. I brushed my bangs forward, but knew that was as good as they were going to be. "whatever"  I thought.

We made it to the store and back with still time to spare. I sang Ezra a song and read him story and before I could put him down his eyelids were fluttering. He took a nice long nap, and woke up with beads of sweat on the back of his knees and down his neck. I noticed he was unusually warm. I thought nothing of it until I gave him lunch. He ate everything BUT his sandwich, this is so unlike him. I noticed him squirming, and grunting and pushing... and anyone with children knows what this means.. He was working on 'something' and this boy worked, and pushed, and paced, and bowed down, and paced and pushed and grunted for maybe an hour. I tried offering him water and rubbing his back and bicycling his legs but I could tell he needed to concentrate. It came eventually and when it did he came up to me and laid down. His work was finished and he was ready for another nap.

We both woke up when Marshall walked in the door from work. I hobbled over to Ezras door to wake him up. We played for the rest of the night.

Marshall helped with dinner and after dinner we snuggled and kissed and snuggled some more.
Ezra is the happiest when we are all together on our big couch infront of our big window.

I love it too.

I hope you have a great week! I am SO looking forward to my pedicure and dinner with some girl friends tomorrow!