Sunday, July 15, 2012

{{We are having a BABY!!}}

Photos by Krystle Johnson

.... My body whispered to me immediately that we were indeed going to have a baby. And it felt like minutes later I was showing. I started dreaming the most amazing dreams the night before it was confirmed that we were really pregnant, and that alone was enough for me to know for sure.I almost didn't need to take a pregancy test. My dreams are the best when I am pregnant. I swear I should write a book. And coincidentally, the week we learned of this wonderful news, Ezra learned to say "baby". (You may remember?) Not only that, the morning I did take a real pregnancy test, it was Mother's Day. And it is definitely was one to be remembered.

All signs point to baby #2.

I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement, I am still trying to wrap my head around the idea of having another child to love and care for. The love I have for Ezra is unending, and to share it seems impossible, but I know I am capable. I also know my husband is capable of so much love and more, and this is so comforting to me.

I am due January 20th, and my doctor is keeping a close eye on me and will be checking me early to make sure I don't have another premature baby. She also told me to take it easy, which I don't know if I can do considering I am chasing a toddler around. But, I will of course try, especially if it means having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Since shouting our good news from the roof tops, this is what I have been asked the most and I thought I would address it all here. I am sure you all dying to know anyways. ;)

1. How have you been feeling?

I feel great, I think that weeks 5-9 were the worst for me. The sight or sound of anything food made me nauseous and I was sick from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep. 

2. Are you someone who gets crazy when pregnant?

uhhhh........YA! I am completely irrational, and terribly stubborn and moody. (BUT- unfortunately, my dear husband is the only one who knows this. (At least, I hope I haven't been like this to anyone else)

3. Were you able to keep any food down?

I am not a puker. Sorry to be blunt. But I almost wished I could puke. I am a gagger, and this is new! I even gagged horrifically yesterday while changing the diaper genie. I almost threw my back out doing so, yuck.

So, I am keeping food down. In fact, all I wanted to eat in the first trimester was macaroni and cheese or butter noodles. The thought or smell of vegetables threw me over the edge, and meat was repulsing.

3. Do you think you having a Boy or a Girl?

I wasn't sick while pregnant with Ezra like I was this time around, which immediately made me think I was having a baby girl. But now that the first trimester is past, I feel amazing. I have a lot more energy and can eat pretty much anything in small portions. Now, I am convinced I am having a boy.

4. Will you find out the sex of the baby?

If I already had a little boy AND a little girl, I wouldn't need to know. I have this fear that if we do have a baby girl we wouldn't have anything for her (which, I am sure wouldn't happen) but we have SO much boy stuff.

We will definitely find out! It is exciting regardless if you find out at ultrasound or in the delivery room.

5. Have you thought of names?

Of course, and with the recent passing of my grandmother, I hope to be able to use some of her name. (If it's a girl.) If it is a boy.... not so much. Boys are so hard to choose.

6. Was this planned?

Of course! After having Ezra I knew deep in my soul that I would be a mother of more than one children, and after Ezra turned a year old, we knew we were ready to take on another baby. We waited patiently for happy news.

7. Do you think Ezra knows?

I almost think he does, just the fact that he started saying "baby" the week we found out-- makes me wonder what children so young are capable of comprehending. He is incredibly bright and very aware. The pregnancy will definitely not go unnoticed. I am sure it will be an adjustment when he can't be picked up as much or when he compares his belly button to mine, but I am sure he will love the outcome later on. I am so excited for him to be a big brother and I cannot wait for him to have a play mate. He has an incredibly sweet and calm demeanor, not to mention helpful! (Did you know "EZRA" means "little helper" in hebrew? We didn't plan that at all ;)