Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Facts Friday// with Flashback photos

I can't believe how fast this week went! It was a really fun week at the Abrahamson household this week, and life moves fast around here when we are having fun.

Flash Back photos from exactly a year ago! Things sure have changed!I don't even miss that over-worn side braid! (ps. where are this kids shoes?)

Here are a couple Fun Facts for you this beautiful Friday.

-My belly button just barely popped. I swear it happened while I was looking at it. Talk about weird.

- My mother-in-law's thesis has been passed off and she is completely done with her Master's Program! YAY!!! Way to Go!! We are so proud of her!

- Ezra is a singing,dancing and talking machine.

-I prefer my bananas a little firm and sweet- not all the way ripe. I can't even touch them when they are mushy.

- Ezra has a new infatuation with trains. And I don't know how it happened.

- As always, when I go to my prenatal appointments, I am asked to give a urine sample. This week, I did as asked and am happy to say that my urine was so clear that I didn't want to pass through the secret door they have in the restrooms, I wanted to personally hand it to the nurse. I was so proud of my pee.

- When I look back at photos of me while I pregnant with Ezra, I was really swollen in my face. Nose, cheeks, lips. I haven't experienced any swelling like that this time around! Yay! (I was working in the salon last time, on my feet all day, eating junk in between) This time, I am drinking copious amounts of water and eating pretty good (for me)

- Marshall felt the baby move this week with his hand on my tummy. That is such a crazy feeling. I wish Ezra would sit still long enough to feel the baby's movements, too.

- I love my point and shoot camera. I use my big boy camera almost always, so when I do use my little point and shoot it is a real treat. It takes great photos, too!

- I recently drank a glass of milk. I haven't had a glass of milk in years, but thought I would get crazy and pour a glass.

- We picked up a dresser for the baby yesterday, and I cannot wait to get it out and all set up! It is beautiful, and I feel like we are finally getting things ready! (I feel like we are so behind)

- I am a little jealous of girls with tiny regular sized waists right now, but only a little.

- We plan on going to the fair bright and early Monday morning (Labor Day)! I would love to see a familiar face while I am there, let me know if you will be there too! Maybe we can share a deep fried veggie or something!

I hope you have great plans of this long, Holiday weekend. We love having Marshall home an extra day and we take full advantage of it!

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!!