Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

This week I have been up to ears in laundry that still hasn't been completely folded and put away, dinner dates were put on the calendar, play dates have been planned and scheduled and plans for our deck renovation is in the works for this weekend. I almost feel like this week has been a successful one, considering Ezra has been fighting a nasty ear infection.

Here are a couple Fun Facts:
-Marshall starts almost all his sentences with; "Here's the deal" "You wanna know something.." "Check this out..." "Here is the thing.."

-Marshall surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers yesterday. I love fresh flowers.

-Ezra will hug you if you ask for one. (Maybe not you, but he will hug me ;)

-I hate my cell phone. I think it is time for an upgrade, but I am scared to imagine how expensive it will be. (I should just wait another year)

- I don't feel pregnant. I remember my last pregnancy being achy and uncomfortable even from the beginning. I remember everything being tight and not being able to bend over. But this one is so different. I am wildly comfortable and I can bend over and do all sorts of things without it hurting.

-All I want is a french silk pie.

-Marshall and I are so excited about a safe and better looking deck, hopefully finished this weekend (Crossing our fingers)

-I remember the first time Marshall kissed me like it was yesterday.

- I noticed in all my photos, my house is dark and shady. And in real life, my house is dark and shady. Imagine that. We have a large tree in the front yard, and lots of shady trees in the back.

- I feel like playing words with friends has kept my pregnancy brain in check this time around. I am not doing quite as many stupid things! 

- Ezra's naps were all on schedule this week, but he isn't sleeping quite as long... I am starting to worry I need to wear him out a little more.

-Have I mentioned how much I hate this heat and humidity? 

- Nothing is worse than an unfinished project and I feel like our house has a million of them. Hmphh..

-I am feeling real baby movement these last few days. I love and missed that feeling so much. It is so indescribable. 

We have a busy weekend ahead of us and I hope the weather cooperates with us so we can get things done.

I look forward to an easier week next week. Maybe the weather will be cooler? (Wishful thinking)

Have a great one!