Friday, August 10, 2012

//Fun Facts Friday

This week was awesome. I had a few hair appointments which opened up my week to getting a lot of things done around the house, including our laundry! I was able to wash,fold AND put it all away, including our bedding. I am almost embarrassed to even admit to the last time they were cleaned. Gross. Ezra was also a maniac for most of the week. I convince myself that it is okay to not commit to an exercise routine when he is like this, because I am running after him for most of the day.

Anyways, here are some fun facts.

-It was a dreary day on Thursday and thought I would make Ezra a ball pit in his pack and play. He hated my idea. He wasn't interested in playing in the ball pit at all. It was more torture than anything else.

-My last name is pronounced, ABE-RA-HAM-SON. Most people like to say ABE-RUM-SON, and that is wrong. 4 syllables, not 3. My mother still gets it wrong.

-I have eaten a lot of eggs this pregnancy. More eggs than actual meat protein. Deviled eggs, egg salads, scrambled... you name it.

- I haven't felt pregnant at all this entire pregnancy, until yesterday. And today, I also feel pregnant.

- Ezra and Marshall both get haircuts every 3 weeks. These boys need it, their hair gets wild fast.

-I've been dreaming of all sorts of people from the past and the minute I wake up I feel like I need to talk to them. It is the weirdest thing.

-Play dates are my new favorite pass time. Let me know if you and your kid(s) want to hang out, we would LOVE it!

- We hope to finish our deck this weekend, lets all cross our fingers and hope to get it done. I bought some pretty lights to hang and everything. (Pictures to come!)

- I ordered the sweetest ring this week, it is a feather and it wraps around my finger, I had it engraved
(you can barely tell from the photo) to have our wedding date and it also says, "for time and eternity" I love it.

- If I don't think about dinner right away in the morning, it won't get made. I have learned this about myself.

- I am counting down to the state fair. I am SO excited! I hope the weather stays nice and cool!

- There is a really cute and inexpensive house down the street from us and I want one of my friends to move in! Anyone looking for a house and want to be my neighbor?

-We love going to our neighborhood block parties. This year Ezra was able to run around and play. I love getting to know our neighbors. It makes me feel a lot more comfortable in where we live.

We have a fun weekend of dinner dates and work on the deck! I hope you have a great weekend!