Friday, August 24, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

This week went way too fast. I am barely ready for the weekend! Although, our fridge is totally empty, and that is always a sign that it is the weekend.

Here are some fun facts.

-Have you ever woken up to your house smelling awful? I woke up to an awful smelling house. And I accidentally scrubbed the entire house clean in the process of finding where the smell was originating from. I no longer smell the funk, so I am assuming I got rid of source.

-Ezra prefers to read stories to himself these days, which is fine by me. Keeps him content for a little while.

-We had a sweet little play date with our neighbors this week, Ezra loved it and I am happy to say I have made a new friend.

-I have been giving Ezra options, like "water or milk," "banana or berries"... and Ezra chooses which he prefers. I love that he has a say in what he would like.

-Marshall is already preparing for his swim season, and I keep having to remind him that I get to have him for another 3 months- coach and team free. I am kind of dreading the season for my own selfish reasons. But I am excited for him because I know how much he enjoys it.

- We find out the gender of our baby on Tuesday! We are SO excited! What do you think it will be?!

-The baby loves cookies and ice cream.No really, anytime I have anything sweet this baby is trying to give me a high five or is jumping up and down.

-I tried a fun hairdo I saw on pinterest, and I am embarrassed to admit that it was a complete fail. I looked hideous!! lol.

- I have been diligently looking daily for a new family vehicle for us this week. I wish I could hire someone to look for us. It is almost too emotionally draining for me. I immediately get attached and want to cry when it doesn't work out. 

- The more association Ezra gets with babies, the more I feel he is ready to be a big brother. He held (with some assistance, of course) a 3 month old this afternoon, and he was so sweet! I was dying.

- Do you ever look at your significant other's face and realize how much you miss them during the day? This happened to me yesterday. Marshall was telling me about his day and I had to interrupt him and touch his hands to tell him how much I love him and miss him when he isn't around during the day. I love my him, and I am so grateful for how hard he works so I can stay home and raise our family.

We don't have much planned this weekend, but are looking forward to being together as a family regardless.

Have a great weekend!