Friday, August 17, 2012

Hawaii Part 3::& Fun Facts Friday//

These Hawaii photos are long over due, but I finally found time to go through them to show you! 
Seeing these photos makes me want to go back. I am longing to throw a large blanket on the ground on these trees and take a nap. 
 I can barely believe that it is Friday, where on earth did this week go!? 
Last weekend, Marshall and my dad worked so hard to get the deck done and they were so close. We are hoping that THIS will be the weekend to have it finished! oh! I hope it is true! There aren't any steps on it at the moment, and I am just waiting for Ezra to stumble off.  

I was also still sick with this gnarly cough all week, I feel the best today, but my voice is still scratchy and I cough when I laugh- which is awkward.

Here are some fun facts:

-My cousin Bryson (photo below) from Hawaii, is serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints for two years in Anchorage, Alaska. He is the first in my family to serve a mission and we are so proud of him. I am sure he will touch so many peoples lives.

 - I was coughing so much this week that my eyes are blood shot and could have invested in adult diapers. (I was running to the bathroom a lot more often.- gross I know.)

-Between Marshall, Ezra and myself, we went through 3 loaves of bread by Thursday! When we are out of bread, we are in trouble!

-Ezra yells for his "Chair" which is this little faux leather man chair, when he is sick of me and sick of his toys and wants to watch blues clues or diego.

- I think the old man next door is really lonely and hungry. I want to bring him over dinner, but he is normally so cranky. I am scared of how it will play out.

- Ezra is officially a ONE NAP a day kid!! and... it is killing  me! I may never nap again...hmphh..
He was napping from 10am to noon, and then again from 2:30 (or so) to about 4pm and all last week when we would put him down in the afternoon, he would just cry or talk or bounce about in his crib. He seems a lot happier now. And. I think that this will open up our days to play dates and other fun things with him. We won't feel like we need to get home to put him down, which will be nice.

- I love all my friends. I am so blessed to be surrounded by some of the coolest, nicest, and most genuine people and I am so happy to share our lives with them. I love them so much.

- When I was 18 weeks pregnant with Ezra (I am 18 weeks now) we already had a room painted and ready with frames on the wall, a dresser painted and filled and a fluffy rug on the floor. We.... don't have.. anything for this next little babe. And... I am not totally worried about it. Marshall and I are working hard to get organized and to get projects done before (Marshall's swim season starts) and before January. It will all get done in time. (I hope.)

-Our friends gave us a little giraffe rocker, and Ezra LOVES it. He takes his rocking very seriously, but that rocker's music goes off all by itself and it scares the freakin' crap out of me. (Thanks Michelle!;)

I hope to have a lovely weekend with my boys and we are loving this cool weather!
I can't wait to show you photos of our new and improved deck!

Have a beautiful weekend.