Monday, August 13, 2012

My Monday::

Happy Monday Y'all. I'm just going to break it down real quick.

-We woke up around 7:30, Marshall missed his bus. Ezra loves when his daddy misses his bus.
- We had some breakfast, Ezra even asked for an extra piece of toast. I am the only one who would know that he wanted an extra piece of toast, I know his language.
-I tried to have a shower/bath with Ezra. Accidentally let the hot water run for a little too long, awesome for Ezra, not awesome for me. I climbed in the tub with him cause I thought it would be nice, but then when I saw him look at me, I was embarrassed. He was all "Mom, why are you even in here, get out." So I climbed out.
- We got dressed, took turns combing our hair and I trimmed his nails. They are dagger like within only a couple days.
-We went to the thrift store. I found two pairs of nice jeans for him and a cute vintage skirt for me, with an elastic band of course.
- We came home and played in the backyard for a bit.
(I hate that this is blurry. Everyone needs a photographer on hand when your kid is giving you love)

-Had some lunch.
-Put Ezra down for his (one and only) nap of the day. He hasn't exactly been sleeping for his second nap these last few days, I am thinking it's time we transition him to one nap. It's killing me softly.
-I had a client stop by for a bang trim.
-Started dinner in the crock pot. Pork chops!
-I napped.
-We were both awake by 2.
-I packed him up in the stroller and took a long walk to the grocery store. Saw some wild brush off the side of the sidewalk and thought it was a cheetah, no joke. I even imagined if it was a cheetah, how I would try to protect Ezra and myself. After all the imagining, I then imagined us all dead on the sidewalk infront of Dairy Queen and it making headlining news. "Pregnant woman and two year old killed by cheetah, walking home from grocery store" I am so morbid. I think it's from the hormones.
-Made it home after 3, so tired... but felt great to be outside.
-We played in all the pillows and had a snack.
- Before 5 pm Ezra was acting all sorts of tired, I asked if he wanted another nap and he walked toward his room, like "ya mom! Don't I get another?" But I heard him talking and singing the entire time. I think he just needs some quiet time, which is okay with me. I need it too.
-I started some rice, to go with our pork chops.
-Marshall got home. When I saw him walk across the street, I grabbed Ezra so he could greet him.
-We had dinner. Ezra loved it. He also learned the word, "google" which we unfortunately say quite a bit in our home.. ie; "I am not sure what x means, maybe I should google it"
-I knew Ezra would be devastated if Marshall went back out of the house to mow, so I offered to mow the yard so they boys could hang out. Besides, I need the exercise.
- The yard looks beautiful.
-We had a Family Home Evening on loving our family. Ezra was quite distracted. But he loves all the pictures and of course our singing.
-Marshall put Ezra down for the night.
-I had a late haircut appointment.
-Then I cut Marshall's hair. Handsome as ever.
-Marshall did the dishes.
-I swept off the deck and driveway in the dark.
-I smacked Marshall's behind and I told him I loved him. and plopped my body down to write this quick post. Sorry for the lack of photos, I was just too busy!

I hope you had a great start to your week!

* I have been kinda sick for the past 4 days or so, it all started the end of last week. I have a tight chest, constant pounding headache and terrible cough. I kinda feel like I am dying. I have been taking a little Tylenol here and there. There really isn't much you can do or take when your pregnant except to wait it out. I also do the "pretend your fine and it will eventually just go away" and that works out for the most part, but this cough is a nagging reminder of how nasty I feel. I don't know if what I have is allergies or some kind of nasty cold... any thoughts?