Monday, August 20, 2012

::My Monday::

Happy Monday!

Here is how our day went down.

Ezra was up way too early, and the only reason I pulled him out when I did was because I love him.. duh.. and because my bladder was screaming to be emptied. I was up anyways. Marshall knew the minute he laid eyes on Ezra before work, that he would once again, miss his bus. He did. Which Ezra totally was like "YA!" and I laughed and ran off to take a shower. Alone.
We had some breakfast, washed Ezra's little bod, finished the laundry, did the dishes and even watched a little Mr. Rogers. I had a 10 am appointment, and had my friend come over with her girls to play with Ezra until I was done. He loves the attention. I am so happy and so grateful that they could come over and play with him.

After my appointments, I made Ezra and the girls some sandwiches and after they left I put Ezra down for a nap. I sent some emails inquiring about cars for sale and even set up a time to look at one I really have had my eye on and I made some phone calls. One to my sister in Seattle, and another to our insurance company who kept sending me emails to call them. (I don't know why they didn't just call me... annoying)

I napped. and oh.... I napped so good. Ezra and I were up and moving around 4 pm.I woke up to an email from the lady who I had just set up a time with to check out a car, telling me she sold it. I wanted to cry. I really wanted this one. But had to remind myself that this probably wasn't the one for us.
I grabbed Ezra and I snuggled him for as long as he let me, then I gave him a snack and started dinner.

Tonight, I made a zucchini bake, which was delicious and even Ezra gobbled it up. After dinner we played in the yard. The weather was perfect and I didn't see any mosquitoes, which is even better!

I love hanging out with my boys, they are so funny and Ezra is picking up on so many things. He is hilarious and surprises me all the time.

After a while we came back inside for our family home evening lesson, which tonight was on how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ created the Earth, and the stars and the moon and all the animals. It is such a sweet reminder to me about all that we have been given and who it is all from. I am so grateful for the beautiful world I live in.

I got all comfy in my comfy clothes.. I'm talking stretchy pants and bra was off. Marshall asked what time it was, and after glancing at the clock, I told him. 7:40. and then I squealed! 7:40!!! HOLY CRAP! I forgot! I have a hair appointment coming in 5 minutes!! I ran to our room and slapped that bra back on and threw some color on my lips. That was a close one!

Marshall put Ezra down, I wish I could have gotten to snuggle him just a little bit more.

Anyways, my Monday was great as usual. Here is to another week!