Friday, September 7, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

Happy Friday Everyone! We have already had such a great day and it is only the afternoon!
We met up with our friends Emmett and Michelle at Choo Choo Bob's in St.Paul. Ezra loved seeing the trains and I think he liked having the freedom to roam the little store and touch all the tracks and carts. He was snoring before we made it home for lunch, the excitement was just too much.

Here are a couple fun facts-

- I have been making some awesome dinners lately.
 -Marshall is the most patient father in the world, and He is absolutely wrapped around Ezra's chubby fingers.
 -Ezra will kiss Marshall, but never kiss me. It makes me sad.
-I have to get a shot of Progesterone once a week to keep me from having another preterm baby.
 - I always try think we should grow out Ezra's hair long and shaggy, but after one week I can't handle how poofy it is and trim him short. I wonder if his hair will always be this fluffy.

- Oh! We bought a Honda Odyssey last weekend! It was by far, one of the best decisions we have made in a long while. I love it already. There is endless amounts of room and drives like a dream. I never thought in a million years I would be fist pumping for a van, but I have been. Did I tell you that I had saved money in an envelope since the beginning of the year for this purchase? I did! We paid cash for this baby- almost all in twenties. Now it is back to square one for saving money!

- Tried Mexican style pizza with a friend this week, and may or may not have dipped it in ranch. It was honestly the best thing I have tried in a long time. It was delicious.

-Is it just me, or are there a lot of pregnant bellies walking around?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned! 
We are having good friends over for dinner tonight, hope to organize and clean our basement, going to an annual church picnic tomorrow and having one of Marshall's friends from work coming for dinner on Sunday. We plan to be eating all weekend.

Have a great one!