Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

Where is the time going? I am almost annoyed by listening to myself ask this on a regular basis, but really, where has the time gone?

This week we were busy! I had tons of appointments, met with friends, lots of laundry, not so many prepared dinners,  lots of new words (for Ezra) and some shivers from the nice cool weather. I am loving every bit of it.

I love that you can tell Ezra is saying "cheese" in this picture.

Here are some Fun Facts::

-I was a terrible family photographer this week. I think I picked up my camera one day. I get mad at myself when this happens.

-We had to make a run to get Ezra real pajamas. You know, with actual pants? We have been liking to put him in just a onesie because it has been so hot, but lately it has been cold.cold.cold. I felt like I was neglecting him all this time. He loves his new pajamas.

- I ordered the rug for the nursery! It is coming along and I am so excited, it is so weird to pass two rooms with cribs in them (Did I mention that already?)

- I just turned the heat on in our house. Now I want hot cocoa.

- It is sock season and I don't like to wear socks. And, you will only see me wearing white socks, the boring ones out of a package of like 12. I guess I would wear fun socks if I owned them, but I hate to buy stuff like that.

- If you ever bring candy to my house, you should expect that I will want some. I love Candy, and I love when my friends kids have candy- I will always try to get some from them.

- Any thoughts and prayers that you have for Marshall are greatly appreciated. He is stressed out with the swim season quickly approaching.

- Ezra turns two in a month!

- We already have a name picked out for the baby, and No, we will not spill it.

- I have my Glucose Screening next Tuesday, I hope I am not diabetic. And, Crap! I am pretty sure I am not supposed to have any sugary cereals or anything sugary before my appointment! (gasp!) I will barely make it that morning!

- I might by taking a solo weekend trip to Seattle to visit my sister (she needs a haircut) in October and I am so excited. (If my doctor allows it)

September is wrapping up all on it's own and I cannot believe how fast it is passing us by. I am okay with it though, it just means I will get to meet our new baby boy a lot sooner.

I hope you have an awesome weekend planned, I get to do hair for a friend whose sister is getting married and I always look forward to Sundays with my boys.

Have a good one!