Monday, September 10, 2012

//My Monday

I don't know about you but I had the weirdest dream last night and it was one of those that hung on to my guts for the rest of the day. I hope that tonight I will dream something wonderful so this weird lingering feeling  in my bones will just go away.

Ezra woke up early on the dot as he has been for the past couple weeks. And this morning, like many recent mornings, he wants his daddy. I am pretty sure he didn't even look at me for at least 30 minutes and when he did, it was to hand me the crust of his toast. That hurt my feelings, I will admit it. But I am noticing that he knows the days of the weeks, and he knew today was Monday. And Monday means that the weekend fun with his Daddy is over for 5 days and that he is stuck with his mean ole' mama until his dad gets off the big ole' bus.

I had things to do today. And this is how it went.

Ezra and I had our breakfast together. The morning sun was shining so brightly through our home that I put Ezra in his booster instead of his high chair (the sun shines directly in his eyes where his high chair is). (He lost his booster chair privileges a while back because he was acting like a hot shot and I disapprove of hot shots, but he was good as new this morning!)

(His facial expressions were killing me today)
We got ready for the day and I straightened up our house before running some errands with a friend. I needed to pick up some product for a couple clients and I have been on a mission to find some nice walking shoes. I hate buying shoes. I am so indecisive and I wish someone would just tell me what I should get.

Ezra passed out on the drive home, which meant he missed his lunch time and would wake up crabby and hungry.

I had picked up some lunch for my good friend, CJ, who I used to work with in the salon and we spent the afternoon catching up. It was so great to see her and hear all about what has been keeping her busy. Ezra was crabby as expected when he woke up, and was unusually shy.

He wasn't his usual smiley and happy self for some reason and I tried my best to be patient with him. He kept rubbing his eyes and after CJ left I thought he probably needed another nap. Which would be a complete break from his routine,but from our morning errands and afternoon visitor, I could use a little nap as well. I put him down and listened by the door and that boy was quiet. quiet I tell you. I really think he may have napped. But it only took an hour for him to stand up and shout for his mama... I had to roll myself off my napping chaise and scrape him out of his crib. He seemed a little less crabby than before which was relieving to me.

I had to make some phone calls and knew that Marshall would be home soon so I turned on a quick kid flick for Ezra. This made his day.
After talking to Marshall we decided that he would get off his bus early and I would meet him to pick up some diapers and gas for the (new) van and then head home from there for dinner (we had leftovers tonight, thank goodness)

After Dinner,  I had a hair appointment. Marshall and Ezra played outside until it was dark, and that meant around 7:30! It is getting so dark-so early! It makes me giddy and sad all at the same time! How is that even possible?

We had a short Family Home Evening on being reverent. We went over how we can be quiet and show respect while we are at church. Ezra took our nursery book from us and put it on the floor and laid down in front of it while flipping through pointing and saying all the things he knew.  Marshall and I beamed with pride and asked each other how he knew some things neither of us had taught him.

Marshall and I had to wrestle him to settle down for bed.

I walked out into our living room after kissing my boys cheeks goodnight and could still hear Marshall's low voice reading Green Eggs and Ham and Ezra's voice trying to read along. All I could do was smile. How did my life end up like this?

How did I go from the life I lived before to, nap times, diaper runs, filling up a mini van's gas tank and leftover for dinner?

How on Earth have I deserved to be so blessed?

I am going to sleep extremely grateful for my very simple little life.