Monday, September 17, 2012

My Monday::

Monday.. Monday...(sigh)
 We had such an awesome weekend, I was dreading today.
Marshall and I went on a date Friday night, and Saturday night- during the day Saturday, Marshall was able to clean out the shed AND the garage. And on Sunday we had Stake conference (for church) which meant earlier than usual church and a more of the afternoon to  nap  enjoy.

(Even though I took millions of photos today, this one just seems to be the best one and the only I feel like represents how our day really went)

My Monday started out like all the rest. Although, it was sprinkling out and the (once completely dried) stumps that I was ready to finish were soaked from the rain last night. I woke up around 3 am to hear the rain stomping on the roof and I wanted to kick Marshall out of bed to save my sweet stumps. I woke up in a tiffy, cause I told him that it looked like it was going to rain, and he assured me that it wasn't. Mama knows best.

Ezra sat by the window and looked out at his daddy. When the bus rolled on up to a stop, the lovely couple that we always notice staring at us with smiles on their faces were waving ferociously at my son, so what did I do? I sat up confidently and waved wildly so Ezra knew to acknowledge a friendly wave. I only remembered after that I still hadn't put a bra on, or even looked in a mirror. They stopped waving almost immediately after I started, they were most likely embarrassed for me.

I made Ezra some scrambled eggs and toast (2 pieces, his request) and cut up some strawberries. This kid is eating like a king these days.

We shared the tub as we washed up and quickly got dressed.
I was meeting someone a couple cities away to pick up a crib for an incredible deal! I waited for my friend Sam to show up (she is my backup in case I get attacked- cause you never know) after racing to the gas station to pick up some cash and some sprinkled donuts.

Sam (and I) managed to carry the crib into the house and into the new nursery no problem! I stood back and admired it as it sat against the wall.

I imagined walking to this crib daily and pulling out my newest little bundle of boy and hugging him close. I imagine the lighting  to be dim, and the temperature warm as I rock him to sleep before laying him down again. I so look forward to these sweet moments with our little gentleman.

Ezra and I took an afternoon nap and woke up to have a late lunch.

I was busy making appointments for the week and checking the calendar for the rest of September. (I still can't believe it is almost over)

Ezra helped me do the laundry, fold and all. We straightened his little room and moved some things around. We cleaned the walls and wiped the floors. We scrubbed down the new crib with hot, soapy water. We read some stories, and started on dinner.

I made tin foil salmon, which was delicious-- but I was scared to eat it, it just didn't seem entirely cooked (I am a paranoid pregnant woman about fish) So, I opted to having a bowl of cereal, which is just as delicious.

After dinner, Marshall mowed the lawn for one last time (we think) while Ezra and I went on a walk. Ezra's new thing is yelling "LET'S GO!" and he was bossing me the entire walk. Marshall also showed some wheels that we were selling from my old VW. The first guy passed on them, and the second guy bought them up. We were so relieved to have them out of our shed, and they got them for a steal.

Ezra was so happy to have Marshall in the house to play with him before bed time, he was snuggling in close and putting Marshall in those sweet little headlock hugs, you know the cheek to cheek ones. So cute. Ezra doesn't skip a beat.

I am exhausted.

My left hip is sore and my lower back is sore from babying it. Other than that, I feel wonderful.. and tired.

We have a pretty busy week coming up, and I am excited about it.

I hope you have an eventful week coming up!