Monday, September 24, 2012

My Monday::

You know it is Monday morning when our front door shuts and Marshall is on the other side looking in through our windows back at us. We are all speaking through our eyes, we are all telling one another that 'Have a good day... '...'I'll see you soon'... 'I love you...' and my most favorite of all... 'I wish (I)you could stay home today'

It happened again this morning, and Marshall, Ezra and I said all those things through our eyes only, no words never need to be uttered. We just know.

Ezra usually loves watching the buses drive up and down the street, but I can tell he dislikes the 825. Cause the 825 bus is the bus that takes his daddy far, far up the road and doesn't come back until 1 or 2 naps later in the day.

We passed the time this morning reading books and taking photos of Ezra's perfect little toes, this was all of course before he decided to push over and sit on his diaper genie like it was a rocket.

Today, Ezra and I had a lunch date with my mom and a good friend back in my hometown of Champlin. I get fuzzy in my stomach driving those new constructed streets and buildings. I hate it. I wish they would leaves places just the same as you remember them from your youth. As we drove past my first job, I pointed out the window and told Ezra all about it... as we drove by my second job.. I told Ezra all about it. We drove past the street I grew up on and told Ezra that is where I played and learned and went to school and I could tell he was listening intently. Suddenly, the mommy he knows is someone else, too. I think I blew his mind.

We went to Yummy Buffet, I love Yummy buffet. It is just.... yummy. We sat and chatted for over 2 hours. How does that even happen?

Then, we headed to Target across the highway. I love going to different Targets. I always find cooler things at Targets besides the one by our house.

I bought a fall hat. Duh. I needed it, that's why. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a weakness for hats. I have always loved hats. So much that my mom made me wear one in one of my senior photos because it was so "me."-- I look back now and I am kind of embarrassed. But seriously, I love hats. And I buy a new one maybe every couple months year.

The day flew by and Ezra and I were yawning. My eye lids started to burn every time they shut and I knew I needed to get horizontal on my napping chaise quick. When we got home, I laid Ezra down and I passed out as well.

I woke up to Marshall jiggling the front door knob. Dinner wasn't ready. And Ezra was still in his room. (Whoopsies) But I could hear his scratchy little voice waking up. (Late naps mean cranky and over slept for the rest of the night)

It was a fish stick night. Don't judge me. I made vegetables and rice, okay.

Afterwards, we walked over half of a red velvet cake that we made yesterday to one of Marshall's friends who happens to live just across the park from us. We toured his cute home and caught up a bit. Ezra wasn't impressed-- not to mention that we dressed Ezra for much cooler weather. We just assumed it was colder than it was. (Over protective parents?)

When we finally made it back home, we had a little family lesson on sharing. Marshall and I pretended to share toys, and then Ezra shared with us too. He even learned to say "share." We are proud parents.

I have a doctors appointment in the morning, let's hope I don't have gestational diabetes!
I also have a week packed with hair appointments and other fun things.

September is a blur to me. But I am looking forward to October!