Friday, October 12, 2012

//Fun Facts Friday (Flash back fall photo)

I woke up this morning and forgot who I was. I had to rub my eyes and pat my belly to remember.
I have been sleeping hard these past few nights. I am not complaining, I love when I sleep deep, and I am taking advantage of all the sleep I can get now before little boy blue shows up. I have just entered the last and final trimester. Can you believe that?  This pregnancy has been a breeze. I am outrageously comfortable, and I still barely feel pregnant. I feel like I have been so blessed in my life to be a mother, and nothing brings me more joy than this.
Photo from last fall taken by Joanne Dittmer

Here are some Fun Facts:

-Ezra is a copycat. 

-I leave for Seattle in a week! I am SO excited!

-Ezra has a fascination with trains, I knew it would happen. He has a Thomas movie and a book and also a thomas stuffed toy. I am doomed. This is only the beginning.

-I was able to spend today with my little sister, unfortunately we spent it napping on the couch together. We woke up and couldn't believe it was so late!

- I renewed my salon manager license and after doing this I decided it was a good idea to deep clean and sanitize the salon and everything in it. 

-Ezra will be in the Big Nursery at church in the next couple weeks.

- I love when people throw outrageous parties for their children, but I will most likely never do that. We don't do much for birthdays in our families, and that is okay.

- Marshall works insanely hard for our family and I love him more each day for doing so.

- I may have to find a new pediatrician and this breaks my heart. I love ours and she is moving location.

-Ezra and I are kind of recovering from our colds this week. Vicks vapor rub on his feet (and of course lots of prayers) are helping with Ezra's quick recovery. 

-We are celebrating my dad's birthday tonight and I actually was able to pick him up a gift this year! I am usually terribly last minute and usually have to pick up a card on the way. 

- Ezra will not eat apples if they are cut up, he prefers to hold them in his hand and them like a big boy.

We are hoping that the rain will hold off tomorrow so we can make it to the apple orchard tomorrow, but I am afraid it will be a wet one! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.