Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Facts Friday::

 It's October!
Just the best and most wonderful month of all time, I mean.. It is my birthday month.. and Ezra's birthday... and our wedding anniversary falls just past the last day.

Our week started off wild with all the refridgeration madness and all... but the dust as kind of settled around here. Marshall has a lot of projects he is wanting to complete, and I may or may not be adding more onto his plate.  I swear, I am not trying.
Anyways, Here are some fun facts for you this Friday-

-I used to be really really good about dropping everything and helping someone in need, but now that I have an over active toddler and a wobbly big belly, I am not so quick to move. And, I deeply apologize for this. I swear I have the best intentions to help out where I can, and will when I can. But it just isn't as easy for me as it once was. (Can you tell I am feeling guilty about something?)

-Ezra and I had a play date with our lovely friend, Shannon and her kiddos. I love spending time with her, every time I leave I feel so renewed. These are the very people you need in your life. Ezra loved playing with her son and daughter and all of their super awesome toys. I swear that her home, her children and her alone could be a family in a magazine! How are my friends so incredibly good looking?!

-Shannon whipped me up my very first cup of cocoa this season. I was in heaven, and I drank it down way too fast. This lil' cup has completely whet my pallet for my most favorite salted caramel hot chocolate from starbucks. #fistpumping

-Isn't Shannon the prettiest? Seriously, her personality is just as uplifting!

- I am going to paint the interior door from our kitchen to the salon light pink, you know, to match the oven and the sink, duh! I am so excited to do this. Something quick and easy that will be a total update in our little kitchen. And of course next to our pretty new stainless steel fridge.

-I love the lightbulb in our fridge. All I want to do is open and shut the door and look at all the food on the shelves because I can actually SEE what is in there. Our last fridge's light bulb went out and even after replacing it, it didn't work. This is a dream.

-I saved up enough money to help Marshall with a new computer, his current computer sounds like it is going to take off into the deep blue sky. Like a rocket of some noisy sort. 

- I was surprised and completely overwhelmed when one of my clients had this on her blog page. Such a sweet shout out. I look forward to keeping up with her great style and fashion tips. 

-We are going to try to take Ezra to Maplewood mall tonight to ride the (indoor) carousel  I feel like he needs more fun in his life. 

-I am looking forward to hearing our Prophet and Apostles speak over General Conference this weekend. You are more than welcome to watch along with me and my family to be lead and guided in words of wisdom for our lives today. It is honestly the most refreshing thing, there is nothing quite like it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned!

Throw on a beanie and put a hot cocoa in your hands to keep warm! That is what I will be doing!