Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Facts Friday:

Happy Friday, Ya'll!

This has been such a cool week. I am happy to be home with my boys and I have been loving getting organized and getting things in order before this babe arrives.
We have an awesome weekend planned. Tonight, Ezra will dress up in costume and go to a church activity, which I may be more excited about then he will be. Tomorrow, we will have a little family birthday party at our house, pizza, cake and ice cream!Ezra picked out his own cake and frosting, it is (unfortunately) a strawberry cake with blue vanilla frosting. Marshall loves to bake cakes, so he will be the baker tomorrow! (I love him) Ezra has been practicing blowing out candles, along with telling us how old he will be, TWO! TWO!

Here are some fun facts!

-I was having contractions pretty regularly on Monday, mostly due to dehydration from my quick trip, not to mention hauling an over sized carry on all weekend. I should never have taken a bag without wheels. What was I thinking?

- Marshall and a couple of my friends took me out to Benihana for my birthday! This is one of my most favorite places to eat in the world. I could bathe in their yum yum sauce. Not kidding.

- Marshall surprised me by coming home early from work yesterday with a bouquet of roses in hand. I was so happy to see him! (And so was Ezra)

-I got to talk to my good friend Jo Anne this week, man I miss her! I love her and it is so good to know when friends have your back, even when they live states away. Love you, Jo Anne!

- Ezra will be a dragon for Halloween. We went to a Halloween play group party this morning and he LOVED IT! They played games, decorated cookies and just played around. (They were all in costume, and was seriously the cutest thing to see)

- Do you ever see photos of yourself and think, Man! My hair should be lighter or darker or shorter or longer or.... whatever. I realized this week, that my hair should be a little darker. So, next time I color my hair it will be a little darker.

- I still love my van. Shame on anyone that tries to poo poo the idea of having a family van. They are totally missing out.

- I am not allowed to buy any more toys for Ezra. Case closed. I have a really good habit of going to the thrift store and finding such awesome things for Ezra and they are dirt cheap! But Marshall put his foot down. He doesn't put his foot down very much, but he did this week. I will listen to him, cause I am honestly sick of buying things too. It is just so tempting! (This week, Ezra got his own shopping cart, it was $2-- and adorable.)

I hope you have fun plans for the weekend and that you stay warm!