Monday, October 1, 2012

:My Monday:

I kind of thought my Monday would have been a lot more interesting...

Here is why.

Sunday is our lovely day of rest, where we relax, go to church, usually have an easy meal for dinner and just spend the evening together as a family, whether it is in the yard, or in the living room.

But we came home from church yesterday evening to a defrosted refrigerator. Everything in our freezer was sweaty and our 1/2 gallons of ice cream (that we just got for a buy one, get one deal) were hanging on to their 'cool' little lives.

We had to think smart and think fast. We already have been planning on purchasing a new fridge, this just sped up the process. We never go shopping on Sunday, but we did we had to do. We made an emergency trip to Home Depot and ordered a fridge. It will be delivered Wednesday and I couldn't be more excited. We made another mad dash to Target to pick up a giant cooler and lots of ice for the food that we would need for the next couple days. The frozen food, that we dared to keep, were sent to a friends freezer. (Thank you Grays, WE love you!)  We all fell asleep last night with our hearts racing and also with hearts filled with gratitude. I am so grateful that we were able to work together as a couple and decide what to do and how to do it. I am grateful for Marshall and all that he does for our family, so in an emergency situation, we can have what we need to get by. And I am of course grateful for my faith. I knew that everything would be okay and work themselves out, I feel like Heavenly Father always has our back in times of need and it is such a security to me to know that we will always be okay if we have faith in Him.

So.... Anyways. Today- Monday. We lived out of a cooler that is downstairs. Keeping cool.

We all woke up well rested from the evening before, and were ready to tackle anything else that came our way.

Ezra insisted on sharing his grapes with Elmo.

I scheduled many appointments for the upcoming weeks.

Ezra and I played as much as he could handle, he also needed to catch up on his sleep. (We move his naps around on Sundays, it is hard on him)

He took a beautifully long nap in the early afternoon, even I squeezed one in after a client.

After a really late lunch,we ran to Michael's and Babies r us. I love their clearance on clothes, I found him a couple long sleeve T's and a hooded sweatshirt. He could also use a new pair of shoes, but I am just as indecisive about his shoes, as I am shoes for myself, I figured Marshall should be there to help with that purchase.

And yes, his eyelashes are INSANE. I am so jealous.

We made it home in enough time to still hang in the back yard and enough time to whip up chicken fajitas for dinner before Marshall got home.

I took a client this evening while Marshall put Ezra down for the night. I was craving some ice cream, and since ours is locked up at a friends, I made a run to DQ. Smart move. It was delicious.

We ate our treats and watched the season premiere of Once Upon a Time. I feel like I have been waiting months for it's return. (Cause I have.)

I wish my Monday was more exciting, but it was just as boring as the rest.
It is nice to have a place to keep track of our mundane lives.
Thank you for keeping up with us.