Monday, October 15, 2012

My Monday::

 I didn't wake up to this hilarious little boy right away.

I woke up to what sounded like Marshall juggling the tupper ware of the kitchen walls and ceiling and then tossing them into their cabinet, just to hear them fall all back out and him grunt and moan as he forced them all back in.
But, this happened after he clipped all 100 of his fingers and toes, because I felt like that clipping sound would never end. 
But this must have been before he slammed our microwave door shut after pulling his hot cereal out. 
And it was definitely after all of this that he made sure to throw maybe nothing down the laundry chute just to make one more obnoxiously loud noise before he left.

Later, I learned that he was doing this all on purpose. To wake Ezra up. 


Regardless, I am always so happy to be awake before Ezra. This way, I can get a shower and maybe get dressed before grabbing him.

I slowly twisted the doorknob and had to squint my eyes to find him. The shades were still drawn, but I could still make out his little body sitting up in the midst of all his blankets. He immediately called for his Daddy. (Oh, you mean the daddy who you didn't hear this morning as he delicately tried to wake you up?)

Ezra was happy in his crib, and when I asked him if he wanted to come out and have some toast with me, he simply said, "no." 

 He played in that crib... he danced, he sang, he jumped, he (tried) to climb. He buried his head in the blankets a couple more times until I couldn't contain myself any longer. I wanted to hold him and squeeze him close. He let me, for like, 5 seconds.

This boy and I had a laundry list of things to do today. 
None of it involved leaving the house. 

With a little help from him and a wonderful kid friendly cd blaring all day long, I was able to get so much done around our house.

I was able to scrub down the bathroom. The toilet, the vanity, the tub and the floors.
I vacuumed under the couch cushions and the stairs.
I did tons of laundry.
I cleaned and organized our entryway closet. Labeled little binds for our hats,mittens and scarves.
I cleaned and sorted my dresser drawers. Putting all of my summer (and clothes I won't be able to wear for the rest of the year) in a bin.
I even scrubbed out our kitchen trash can, who does that? (I finally found the culprit of the stank that has been lingering for days. A super, hairy and rancid old banana peel that was stuck to the very bottom. I had to wear gloves and cover my mouth so I wouldn't gag)

Marshall had to work late tonight, and that was fine with me. I was able to accomplish more than I ever expected to today and it felt great! We had leftovers for dinner and had a sweet little family home evening on family prayer. We played with Ezra until his bedtime and it killed us to put him down, he is such a fun little spirit to have around.

I am still trying to get Marshall to help me with more things on my list.
I am ready for the rest of the week and preparing the house and my boys for my departure on Friday morning. I am so looking forward to it!

Hope you have a great week planned. I plan on keeping busy!