Monday, October 8, 2012

My Monday::(Manga style)

Today was Monday, the day that starts off the week...

 The same old routine... same day of the week and somewhat different circumstances.
Today- Ezra was sick. And when I say sick, I mean MISERABLE. He was so plugged up and awfully fussy. He wasn't his usual playful, talkative self. It kills me to see him this way.

After throwing his cup of yogurt at me, puking on me, our pretty yellow chair,pillow and himself, I was ready to go back to bed. But instead I sat him in his favorite faux leather chair with a cup of water and a bowl of strawberries and turned on Elmo. This was quite possibly the best thing that could have happened to him after being awake for 2 hours.

Once he was settled down, I thought of all the things I could try to get done.

Dishes...Laundry.. clean up the puke off my shoulder and chair...
I colored my hair.
 I needed it and my roots needed it. 
Once my color was applied and processing, I gave Ezra a nice warm vapor bath.

He enjoyed every second of it.
I shampooed the sweet little hairs on his head, and scrubbed his pudgy little body squeaky clean.
I sang to him the entire time. 
Today it was the Doe a Deer song from Sound of Music, he loves that one for some reason.

My favorite part of bathing him is pulling his wet little body from the tub and plopping it on the big dry towel and wrapping him up tight. I love hiding his eyes from mine and saying "BOO!" it gets him every time.

I lotion-ed the inside of his arm and his back and belly and down his legs and to his toes. 
I know that when I am feeling under the weather a warm bath and a well moisturized body and comfy clothes is the best medicine. 

I set him up to watch the rest of his Elmo show so I could hop in the shower and rinse out my color.
When I was showered and dressed, I pulled him out of chair and asked him if he wanted to play with me.
He resisted.
He would much rather sit by himself and watch his cartoons. I guess I didn't mind today. I felt like he needed to chill.
I did what I should have done earlier. Dishes, laundry..cleaned up the puke. 

Once the house was back to normal, I felt like I could think clearer. 

Ezra was asking for a nap, so I read him a story and sang him a song and put him in his crib.

He never slept, he just talked to himself and sang some songs. I took a couple kids cuts and even squeezed in a half hour nap.

When he woke up, I made us grilled cheese sandwiches.

We played for a while, he helped me with the laundry and then acted tired for real this time.

I put him down for a nap, and this time he really did nap. He needed it.

My good friend Whitney saved me today.
She turned my frown upside down from the busy and overwhelming morning we had.
We played with her fancy manga app and we had so much fun pretending we were anime characters.
Thanks for the photos Whitney! We Love You!

I had started dinner in the crockpot and our house smelt amazing. 
We ate it up quick after Marshall got home and before we knew it, it was time for Ezra to go to bed.
We had family home evening on families before putting him down, and once again, I am amazed at how smart he is. I can tell he really understands what we are teaching him and his brain in sponging it all up.
As Marshall read him his stories and tucked him in, I ran to the grocery store to restock  the inventory of our 72 hour emergency backpacks. You know, in case there is an emergency.

It felt so good to have done this. It is so comforting to know that if there is an emergency and we need to leave, that we have food and water to survive for a while. Even Ezra and the baby will have what they need.

I booked plenty of appointments and other dates on the calendar this week and I look forward to the days ahead. October only just started and I already feel like it is flying by.
Lets hope that Ezra feels better soon! 

I hope you have a great week planned!