Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 17// Spontaneity

We are notorious for our rigid routines and schedules in our home. 
Anything out of said routine throws us all outta-whack. 
And, I love it.
I actually encourage   ourselves to do more "wild" things. (We don't do "wild" things....ever.)

I LOVE when we throw something crazy into the mix. I think it is really good to challenge our brains  to adjust to something out of the norm.

Tonight we had a delicious meal with our most favorite people, Graham and Sarah and afterward we went bowling. I know, crazy right? Yes. we are that boring.

 I only cringed for a second about the time because I knew Ezra would get a total kick out of bowling.

I am so grateful for spontaneous things that happen in my life. 
These times are so fun and are usually the most memorable times we can have as a family.
 I am so grateful that we could experience this spontaneous adventure out past Ezra's bedtime with people we love most! (Thanks G and Sarah, We love you guys)

I am grateful for Spontaneity.