Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3: Work

(Marshall took these photos with his phone)

Marshall was able to spend some time with Ezra while I attended a meeting, and when I asked him what he was grateful for today, he said. "I am grateful that I was able to work in the yard with Ezra, he was such a good worker"

As a mother, this makes me insanely proud. I am grateful for a husband who works very hard for our family and that I have the opportunity to work out of the salon throughout the week and to also have the privilege to work in the home with Ezra. It is obvious that Ezra recognizes all the work that we do in and out of our home and he is more than eager to work along side us in everything we do.

There was a time after Marshall and I got married that he was unemployed and I remember how hard it was for him that he wasn't able to provide for us. This experience in our marriage has made us both so much more grateful for the work that we do have and a day doesn't go by where we don't thank God for giving us work.

Marshall and I have both agreed that our children will work for any money they receive and that neither of us will just hand them money when they ask for it.
Children should understand the value of money and what they need to do to earn it.

I am grateful that Ezra can watch his mommy and daddy work side by side together. I know that because of this Ezra and his siblings will have a very healthy outlook on work and what it means to work and provide for their own family some day.