Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day12// Sweet Gestures

Because our house was hit hard with a stomach bug, I wasn't able to do my regular blog post or my grateful post of the day. I didn't want to skip my grateful post because this sweet gesture meant so much to me.

I was able to visit and cut a good friends hair, she didn't know that I had a hard morning with Ezra, and was feeling really drained and sorry for him being so sick the day before. My spirits were low and I really looked forward to just catching up with her.

She walked into the salon with a little bag in hand and in that bag she had another bag filled with all sorts of toys for Ezra and another bag of delicious home made cookies. I wanted to kiss her.

I knew that Ezra would loveeeeeee these new little toys and I knew I would Lovvveeeee those cookies.

What she doesn't know is that she saved my afternoon. Ezra was so in love with his new tractor and bus and hasn't put them down since they were first revealed to them.

I am so grateful for sweet and unexpected gestures from friends. They are truly so selfless and thoughtful and can brighten any ones day.