Thursday, November 15, 2012


Anyone that spends even just a small moment with me will pick up quickly on my insatiable love for food.
I am, and proud to be a total foodie.
I love to try new foods, cook, bake, explore and encourage others to try all types of food. I only get a little scared of some foods, but will never let that keep me from trying it.

I get tingly even just talking about food. 

For the past couple days, we have all been on a very bland, get- our- bodies- and- digestive systems back- on -track- kind of diet. We have not even dabbled in anything with any type of flavor. Mostly plain bread, yogurt and applesauce. 
Chicken soup and Gatorade has been the 'fanciest' of flavors.

Needless to say, all I wanted tonight was a hawaiian pizza. It was my craving for this that made me realized I was once again on the up and up.

I am so grateful for food, I am grateful for delicious food and all types of food.
 I love myself some junk food, and Marshall always laughs at me when I passionately proclaim my love for 'good food' because, who doesn't love 'good food'?

I am happy to know that my son shares my love for food, he is far from picky and will try everything we give him.
 I think the rule in our house will be that you don't have to like/love it, but you have to try it.

 That is fair, don't you think?

Today, I am so grateful for food.