Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My precious...precious moments of downtime. I cherish these moments.

When Ezra is snuggled tight in bed, when my dishes are clean and when I have decided to clock out from my day and I can't think about doing another thing while being on my feet.

I usually spend what time I have catching up on some silly television show. Currently we have been watching Revolution, Fringe, The Office and Once upon a time. I also like to watch The Voice.... and some other shows. But I rarely have time to watch all of them. We love that we don't have television. I can't tell you enough times how lovely the spirit of our home is because of this decision. I love that I can hop online and stream anything off of Hulu. If I am not watching something, you can usually find me pinning something on pinterest, facebooking or loading trillions of photos on my computer, playing words with friends, reading the news or blogs.


I am grateful for my downtime, my me-time, my turn off the brain time, I don't like to bothered time... etc.