Sunday, November 25, 2012


There is really no morning better than a Sunday morning.
I love sleeping in (maybe until 8... just maybe)

I love having Marshall home to make breakfast for. This morning I was determined to make the fluffiest and most perfect pancakes. I never make pancakes. In our house, this is Marshall's job and because he normally does this, he is super bossy on when to flip them, and how they should look.
He said mine were perfect and told me how delicious they were. I think I made him proud!
I made him plain and fluffy pancakes While I added chocolate chip's to mine. I don't know what I was thinking by starting my morning off with that amount of chocolate. 
Regardless, they were absolutely delicious.

After Breakfast the boys hauled the Christmas tubs up from the basement and we unloaded them joyfully. Our home felt instantly cozier than before. Ezra was enjoying all the fun ornaments he was seeing for the first time and he helped hang most of them on the tree, as always, he loved to help. 
You can tell someone little helped decorate. 
I love that.

Our Sunday mornings usually don't go by as quickly as today went We were so wrapped up in decorating that we lost track of the time. We put Ezra down for his nap early on Sundays so he is happy throughout church.

 Ezra woke up from his nap a little late and I was rushing to get him fed and dressed before leaving. Marshall is already gone (for meetings) at this point. I am usually leaving the house in a mad dash and a couple minutes late. 

I love attending my church meetings on Sunday, I always feel renewed and rejuvenated for a new week. 
I am grateful for everyone who had prepared talks, lessons, activities, etc for the day and appreciate all that they do.  
I am grateful that I can be touched by their words and leave feeling inspired and uplifted. 

I am so grateful that Sundays are a day that we go to church and rest from our everyday labors. 

I am grateful for Sundays.