Tuesday, November 27, 2012


When Marshall and I got married, we both agreed to start a family right away. I mean, that is why we got married anyways. When we realized it wouldn't come as easy as we had hoped, we were a little dissappointed, but knew that our time would come and it would be when we were ready. 
And boy, were we ever NOT ready. We found out we were pregnant with Ezra when Marshall was unemployed and still searching for work (after being laid off months before) and I was self employed,renting a chair in a salon. I was the only one with health insurance, and what I had didn't cover pregnancy or baby. As much as we knew what a blessing it was to us to be expecting our first born, we had to buck up and have a faith that everything would work out.
 And miraculously, everything fell into place just as it was intended. 
I am a strong believer that when you do what the Lord wants you to do (in our case, having children-regardless of our situation) you will be tremendously blessed. I also believe this because of the times we live in. It is far from easy to raise a child in a world like today, there are things that are happening around us daily that makes me question how I will ever be able to raise a child with morals, values and beliefs. But I know that we will do all that we can to have righteous children who will make us proud and bring honor to our name.

I am grateful for the blessing of being pregnant again with our second child. 
I am grateful for the responsibility that has been placed on my head as a mother in a world like today.
 I am grateful for the little spirit that has been prepared for his arrival to meet us and live with us and I look forward to meeting him soon.

I am grateful for my lovely baby bump.