Friday, November 2, 2012

Fun Facts Friday// Day 2 of Gratitude

Every day this month, I will photograph and blog about one thing that I am grateful for. I call it 'counting my blessings'  Since yesterday was our wedding anniversary, and it is obvious that I am grateful for Marshall, it is only appropriate to express my gratitude for Ezra in my life.

This little man is a ray of sunshine on the cloudiest of days. He is the juiciest apple of my eye and the chipest chip off Marshalls's old block.

I thank the Heavens daily for his sweet spirit, his intricately developed brain and all that he has learned and understood so far. I stand in awe often at all that he does and says and sometimes I can't believe that he is all ours. I look into his dark brown eyes and I sometimes see my own and as he flashes his spaced toothed smile, I see his father and he is absolutely perfect.

His cheerful disposition and reasonable personality isn't common among most toddlers, but this still doesn't always keep him from getting into trouble. He understands what it means to be disciplined and remembers that being disciplined is NOT his most favorite thing in the world.

Marshall and I waited patiently to be blessed to have a baby and it wasn't until we were married for two years when we were finally able to hold a bundle of our own. 
We are excited for Ezra to be able to hold his little brother in his arms and to hold the little gift, not only given to us as parents but to him as a big brother. I am so grateful that he will be able to experience the joy that will come into his life from having a sibling. He is already a tremendous help around here, picking up his toys, putting things in the trash, helping me vacuum and bringing  up the laundry or raking the leaves.... etc.

We just cannot get enough of him.

As usual, here are my fun facts before the weekend begins!

\- Check out my belly. Coming up on 30 weeks.

- I don't ever swear, and you will most likely never hear me swear, but if and when I do (it's never a real bad word. I promise)- I always know Marshall will shake his head in disappointment. (this usually keeps me from doing it)

-I want to wear my maternity leggings everyday.

-If you saw me doing my toe nails the other day, you would have felt bad for me. 

- I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, we are hosting again!

-I made a 'plans of purchases' list. I cannot buy anything UNLESS it is on the list! This will keep me from being impulsive, especially during this Holiday season and all the amazing deals!

- I did all the laundry by Wednesday this week, and it was even put away!

- We are not and probably will never be Apple/Mac people. We are hipsters in that way.

-Not one person knocked on our door for Halloween. Who told them we were giving away apples?

-No plans this weekend! Yahoo!! Marshall will probably try to get in the attic to finish insulating. 

Have a great weekend!