Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Facts Friday:// Day 9-Clients

This week marked my 30th week pregnant and I have definitely been feeling it. My pregnancies are easy and wonderful but my body definitely isn't shy about letting me know when it needs a little extra hydration.
Ezra started this week off with a bad little cold that changed his demeanor into something wild and kinda nasty. I hate when boogers take over my sweet little boy.

Here are a couple fun facts.

-Crazy amount of water keeps me from having contractions. I have been pounding back water bottles and running to the bathroom quite often today. Marshall puts me on a mini bed rest when he gets home from work. I secretly hate it--and only kinda love it. I like to get things done and it kills me that he is trying to do it all while I sit around.

-Birthday parties for friends are quite possibly the best thing that could happen in Ezra's life.

- I have been SO good about not spending any money besides what is on my planned list!

-I am (pretty much) finished with decorating the nursery and I couldn't be more excited to spend more time in there. It is pretty bare with almost no baby things out, but I know this will change almost immediately when baby comes. It definitely needs to be loved and lived in.The colors are so refreshing and I feel instantly recharged when I walk into that room. I am in the process of updating photos for my home tour link. (On top)

- I love spray paint as much as I always have.

- If my blog bugs you or annoys you and you have nothing nice to say about it, please do not read it. This is clearly your problem and not mine.
 I update my blog for myself and my family and only share it because I have many friends who happen to love coming and checking up on my family, if you are not one of them, please do not visit and definitely don't leave a comment. Thank you.

- Marshall is done insulating the attic!! I am so proud of him and he did it all by himself- it took him almost every Saturday for the last couple months, but he did it!

- Ezra has been helping me cook and bake this week, adding the required measured out goods to the bowl and adding cheese to the lasagna, he is an impeccable help around here.

- Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks! AHH! We have been hosting the last couple years and I am so excited to host again!

- I am running out of clothes that fit over my big belly.

I have so many things to be grateful for and today but today I am so grateful for all my clients. I am so grateful for their loyalty to me and my business and I am grateful to know them. I am grateful for the relationships that I have made with each of them individually throughout the last 8 years. I can't believe how much we have gone through together. Thank you and I Love You!

I have a couple appointments tomorrow morning and afternoon and after that I will spend the afternoon with my boys and the evening with friends. We are excited to have our friends over for dinner and fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!