Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun Facts Friday//Day16:Twilight

As I look back on this month, I had realized that being half way through, this has been maybe one of the hardest months of this year for us- Health wise. Between too many braxton hicks to be acceptable and Ezra's cold to the vicious family bug, we are finally (dare I say) recovered. I am hoping that the next half of this month goes a lot smoother. I am looking forward to putting up our Christmas tree and decorating our home.

Here are a couple Fun Facts:

-I don't read music. I learn by ear. If I hear it once, I can usually sing it back to you almost exact. Crazy, Huh? It is true. I am not proud of this, I actually feel totally pathetic for it. I should have never stopped playing piano when I was younger.

-Ezra is starting to make sentences. The other day while shopping, he totally picked out some Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas. They are hideously loud, and I never would have chosen them for him, but he plainly and confidently told me that he "wanted them" and "liked them" and held them as we walked around. Marshall thinks I spoil him, but you would've done the same thing. It was so sweet that he had an opinion and chose those specific pajamas. He wanted to put them on the minute we got home. (It was 11am- I made him wait. He is not that spoiled)

- I am pretty sure we have all lost a little bit of weight this week due to the bug and eating super bland foods.

- I never knew I liked grape Gatorade as much as I do.

-You will never hear me complain about being pregnant. It is far too great of a blessing to say anything negative.

- I don't think nesting ever goes away. I have been loving getting things in order for baby #2 to arrive!

- Ezra loves Christmas music!

-Marshall stayed home sick two days this week. He laid on the couch all of one day and the second day was spent recovering from the laying the day before. (I love when he is home, sick or not)

- It just hit Marshall yesterday that Ezra is going to have to be okay with his daddy holding another baby. I think Marshall's mind was blown.

- Did I tell you that Ezra puked on Marshall and I during the closing song during our church service on Sunday that sent us running out of the building? (This is when the  epidemic in our home officially started)

And, lastly! Today, I am grateful for the Twilight series... I know... I know... Kind of a goofy thing to be grateful for. But really, these books were so fun to get lost in and I am beyond excited to see the movie with my friend this afternoon. I am busting at the seams!
Twilight has brought me so much joy! I am so grateful for fun entertainment like this in my life!

This weekend we have dinner plans with friends and nothing much else. I am excited to have Marshall at home again for the weekend. I love when he is around. There is such a special feeling in our home when we are all together as a family.