Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Facts Friday//Day30 Friends

This week was jam packed with some busy and some awesome.
Although, I am happy it is over. Time moving along just means closer to meeting our baby boy!

Here are a couple fun facts this week.

-Have I told you my eye balls are swollen? Well, they are. This apparently happens when you are pregnant.

- Ezra has been practicing being a big brother with his new boy doll from Ikea. He LOVES him. He is so sweet giving him hugs and kisses often.

-Ezra broke my glasses (mentioned before) And I totally need them, because my contacts no longer fit on my swollen eye balls.

- My dear friend, Shannon and her kiddos came over for a play date this morning and I am so glad they did! (We missed you, Michelle and Emmett!)

-If you see Ezra and his wild hair,it is on purpose. I am not neglecting the fact that my child may or may not need a haircut. He is adorable with his wild head of hair.

- I just ordered a little (and totally adorable) carry on bag. I am planning on using this to take with me to the hospital. It has wheels!! I don't know why I have a carry on withOUT wheels. This bag will also be used when I travel to do hair for weddings. This is how I justified the price. (It was a planned purchase- on the list!)

- I love Ebay. I also love making offers- and then making counter offers. I feel so successful compromising with the seller and getting something for half of what they were selling it for. I also will do this in person if I want something bad enough. Beware if you try to sell me something. I am a low baller.

-I think that Marshall and I may have agreed that we will not be getting each other gifts this year. Which basically means, I will buy my own gifts and he still wants something on his list and expects me to get this for him too.

- I can't remember my due date for the life of me. I know it is some time in January. I think I will have the baby between January !st and the 10th.

- Marshall's first week of coaching has gone exactly as expected. We miss him. And Ezra has become a mamma's boy.

- There are lunatics in our neighborhood area who are shooting deer. Lunatics. There was a neighborhood alert sent out.

- Marshall and I will push our date nights to Saturday evenings instead of our regular Fridays. (because of swimming)

And on to my very last grateful post! I feel like I have barely started them! There are too many things that I am grateful for, I could create a posting every day, but my life is about to get a lot busier and I don't think I could commit to it.

Today, I am grateful for my lovely and beautiful friends.

I am so blessed to have the most thoughtful, supportive and encouraging friends. I love spending time with all of them and getting to know them all a little more than before. I have had a lot of friends who I have been friends with for years and I am so grateful for their loyalty and devotion to our friendship. I learn so much more about myself through my friends and have also learned more about life in general. I am grateful that my friends are women (and some guys :) who I trust to be around my children. I think it is important for my children to be surrounded by loving role models whom they can look up to.
I don't know how I could truly express my gratitude to every single one of my friends individually. I suppose that may be a goal for me to work on in the next year.

Friends. Thank you for your love, your support, your thoughts, your generosity, your spirit, your faith, your encouragement, your time and your commitment and loyalty to me as a friend. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU, ALL! (from the bottom of my heart. really) (Hug. a big pregnant belly-rubbin' hug)