Monday, November 19, 2012

My Monday// Day 19- My Blog

I slept hard last night. I felt like I had to crawl out of my own being to wake up from the concrete slumber that I had pressed me down into my bed.
I heard Ezra talking quietly in his crib and thought I would try to get to him before Marshall. He looked up at me, shook his head and said, "No. Daddy.." So I walked back out without saying a word and told Marshall to go and get him. It killed me. But as usual, I got over it.
It makes my morning so much more enjoyable when Ezra is talking and is reasonable. This morning was thankfully one of those mornings. He insisted in sitting in a regular chair for his breakfast, which is fine. I am not as fussy about crumbs on our upholstery as I once was. 

We I had a busy morning. Ezra and I got ready for the day before it all began. I had two little boy cuts, and afterward these boys and their mom, my friend, Amy, stayed and played with Ezra for an hour or so, so I could take another appointment. I am so glad they did and Ezra had an absolute blast that he had two buddies over to play. He kept saying "Share- Share!" He was proud to share his toys with them. (I had to prep him before their arrival- I made sure to tell him that he would need to share all his toys and be nice to his friends and that he would have so much more fun if he did these things. He said, "okay")

Once I was finished with my client, I cooked up some lunch for all of us and the boys gobbled it up. I knew they would. Who doesn't love Macaroni and Cheese and broccoli?

Ezra went down for a nap without any problem. He was beat. I was beat. I crawled up on the couch with my pillows propped behind my back and in between my knees. We both slept hard until an obnoxiously loud truck drove by and woke us up. I think Ezra had a little more sleep in him, but I picked him up and gave him his snack.

After hearing all the news about no longer being able to purchase Twinkies, I threw Ezra in the car and we ran to Target to purchase them before they were all out! 
They were all out.

Instead, I came home with 2 boxes of fudge dipped Oreos and a box of Oatmeal creme pies. And no. I am not sorry.

I had started bread in the machine before we left and it was finished by the time Marshall was home from work. I made loaded baked potato soup for dinner in a mad dash before my 6:30 appointment and then I had a good friend over for a 7 pm appointment. My feet ached by the time I was finished with her. I need to start wearing tennis shoes in the salon these days. 

Now, I am trying to organize my day for tomorrow, I am dropping Ezra off at a friends so I can go to  a doctors appointment in the morning. I also have a couple hair appointments. This is very busy and eventful week. I love being busy! Also, I am dying to start my Brine for our turkey!! Let the festivities begin already!

And, Of course! I cannot let a day go by without sharing what I am thankful for. 
Today, I am thankful for my blog. As silly as it my sound, I am so grateful that I have a place to document little bits of our lives. I don't journal, I don't scrap book and I don't have time to make photo albums. BUT. I have made myself accountable to post on my blog weekly and it makes me so happy to go though and read back on all the fun things that have happened in our time as a family. It always amazes me how I make it through my days, how fast the time goes by and also to see how much we have all grown. I am so happy that I have an outlet to share our lives with my friends and family and others who may be curious as to what we are up to and how we live. I love to share our lives with everyone! Thank you so much for reading, and of course for all of your thoughts and words. It always makes my day to receive a nice email about how my blog touches your life some how. 

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!!