Monday, November 5, 2012

My Monday// Day 5- Service

Let's just say that most of my Mondays with Ezra are never like today. And thank heavens for that.

Ezra is recovering from being sick. He was up coughing around 5:30 am. I wanted to pretend he would go back to sleep, but I knew he was up for the day. Marshall ran to him like the good father he is and even brought him to bed and laid him next to me. I love when Ezra lays next to me, and I hate that it doesn't last longer than a moment or two.

He was bustling around the house like he was healthy, but with boogers in his nose and a gnarly little cough. He even put on his jacket and was carrying around his shoes because he thought he was going to work with dad today. Needless to say, his perspective on the day changed drastically after he was left behind.

 I had to cancel on my play date with friends today to prevent him from spreading whatever he had. I was so disappointed that we couldn't make it, Ezra and I would have loved to have spent time with friends today.

I started dinner in the crock pot for our friends who just had a baby... our house smelt divine. This also made me hungry for the entire day.

Ezra (and I) were both fighting to survive until lunch time. Nothing seemed to please him. He wanted nothing to do with his normal routine and this threw me off. I didn't even remember to take photos today. (hmph..)

After I put him down for his nap, I was able to take a 3 minute breath before my client showed up. I was able to squeeze her in last minute which I was more than happy to do. Her hair looked beautiful and it was so fun to see her, but as I shut the door to the salon and tiptoed into the kitchen I thought for sure that I would have a little bit of time to still take a nap before Ezra woke up. I made it three steps before I heard, "mamma!" I literally threw my head back and squeezed my eyes shut. I was like... "Nooooo! You can't be up yet!" But he was up. and he was up for the rest of the afternoon.

After his snack, we ran to the store to pick up some little things. I was able to catch up with my sister and Ezra climbed all over me the entire time, he was unusually clingy. I kind of loved this, but at the same time couldn't figure it out.

I had another quick haircut before Ezra and I needed to make a trip out to drop dinner off to our friends. I scooped him up and wrapped up the delicious dinner and headed off.
50 minutes later, we made it. I don't like traffic. And I especially don't like driving in the night, everyone's lights hypnotize me, I swear..
I was practically shaking as I handed dinner off to them, I wanted to eat it up with them! (It is one of our favorite dinners, and we love to give it away)

I called Marshall upon leaving them and had him get off on another stop so we could meet for a quick dinner, I was starving!

Ezra was so happy to be home as a family when we finally made it. It was pushing his bedtime, but he ran wild and crazy up until the last minute. His arms were swinging and he was laughing a good hearty laugh. This was the happiest he was all day and I didn't want him to go to bed.

Marshall and I went to bed at 8:30 last night. Yes, 8:30. And I am going to try and make it before 9pm again tonight.

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Also- Today, I am grateful for Service. I love an opportunity to reach out and do something for someone who is need of a little love. And I am so glad that today I was able to teach and be an example to Ezra in doing something for our friends. He was able to help me make the rice and I explained to him that we are able to use what we have to give to others. I am not sure he understood, but I was happy to teach him regardless. I also know that there have been many times in my life where people have stepped up and served our family and it has been such a wonderful blessing to us.