Monday, November 26, 2012

My Monday//Day26-Photos

Today, Marshall had to go back to work. I dreaded it and so did Ezra. We were all awake early to see him off. I hopped in the shower before seeing Ezra. I had an early morning haircut to do.
When I was finished with my appointment I planned on playing with Ezra for the rest of the morning.
I originally had plans to have lunch with my fun friend, Krystle, but her and her babe couldn't make it.
Ezra and I were bored.

I was surprised by how incredibly independent he seemed to be today, though. 
I didn't really need to do too much to entertain him!
I was even able to scour the net for cyber monday deals. I scored a couple fun things, but forced myself to log off by lunch time.

Ezra ate a super hearty lunch and was more than ready for his afternoon nap.

Ezra slept for 4 hours. Yes. 4 hours! And... I did not nap. My mind was racing and I couldn't get it to stop. 
Today flew by because of my racy mind.

After Ezra woke up, we shared some pretzels. Ezra couldn't stop laughing to himself, and then I was laughing. He thought that pretzel sticks were hilarious, and I am not so sure why!

I was so excited that our video monitors arrived in the mail today! I didn't open the box until Marshall got home. We wanted to set it up together. I was wishing I had it while Ezra took his super long nap so I could have spied on him. This was a big splurge but totally on my 'planned purchases' list. I am so happy we bought it! This way we can see how our boys are sleeping throughout the night without having to squeak open their creaky doors.

Ezra LOVES the moon. I should have known their was a full moon today! It's almost like I could sense it!
He watched out the window while I tried to get dinner going... until I realized I was missing the soupy part of our taco soup. I bundled Ezra and myself up and we raced to the grocery store.
Taco soup is my all time favorite food, especially on a cold day and during my pregnancy for some reason. All I want are beans and avocados! Weird?

It was also Marshall's first day of the swimming season today, which means he didn't get home until around 7. It is normally a lot longer day, but Ezra was so happy (from his 4 hour nap) I didn't even notice!

But when he got home, our house was a lot warmer and Ezra was so happy to see him.
We managed to have a couple moments of family time and catch up before putting Ezra in his bed. 
And once he was in, I stared at him though our little monitor. His eyes glowed for only a few minutes before I noticed them shut. I love that I can watch him fall asleep now. (Just like when he was a baby)
Marshall and I were able to snuggle on the couch and catch up on 'Once upon a Time' before he responded to the flood of emails that awaited him. I am glad we could sit down and turn off our brains for a bit.

I can't clock out without my grateful post.

Today, I am grateful for photos. I am grateful that I have used photos as a way to document and journal our little lives. I am grateful to have them to look to, to remind me of the feelings and memories of a past time. I am grateful for my talented friends who are able to capture moments of me with my children and my husband and  best of all, all of us together. I am grateful for the incredible technology and equipment that allows everyone to share their lives with one another through a click of a single button.

I LOVE photography.
I love learning how to use my camera every day and all the fun moments that are captured through it.

I have a deep rooted appreciation for photography and the art and skill behind a single photograph.
I am grateful that the walls in my home are covered with photos of my family.

I am grateful for our photos.

Thank you, Krystle for these amazing photos!

I am also so grateful to have incredibly talented photographer friends.

Here are a few of my favorites! 
Please check them out and contact them for sessions- tell them I sent you!